Russian TV got Hacked

The Russian Leaders Pointlessly Claimed Kyiv to Acquire Nuclear Weapons

We all are aware of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Russian TV got Hacked by the Anonymous Hacker Group. Russia has launched the war on Ukraine due to a few obvious reasons but their cruelty and such a long war is tremendously affecting the economy of Ukraine, Russia as well as other countries of the world. The Russian leaders pointlessly claimed that Kyiv was talking about acquiring nuclear weapons which was a completely unacceptable threat for them that why they have to launch a war against Ukraine.

However, other nations along with The Anonymous Hacker group came with Ukraine for support, sympathy, and to stop the ongoing war. On Monday, when Wladimir Putin was celebrating the country’s Victory day military celebration the global anonymous hacktivist group hacked major national and state TV channels of Russia. RussianTV got hacked and replaced the TV schedules with an anti-war message.

In the message, the Anonymous Hacker Group said that the blood of thousands of Ukrainians and hundreds of their children is on your hands. The TV authorities and the government tell a lie. Say no to war. The hack came on the 9th of May on Monday when millions of Russian was watching the Victory Day parade, on the occasion of the national military festival in Moscow. The Anonymous Hacker group replaced the text message on TV schedules with the anti-war message. Channel one Russia, NTV-Plus, and other channels monitored by Russian states were compromised to display the message by the Anonymous Hackers Group.

The Anonymous Hacker Group is supporting Ukrainian

The Anonymous Hacker Group also flashed colors of the Ukrainian flag with the anti-war message. They also played the national song of Ukraine in support of the Ukrainian citizen.  The hacker group has warned Russian about their cruelty over Ukraine and said that if they don’t stop the war, their further step will be to hijack and take over the Russian government infrastructure. Also, the US defense secretary Ben Vallace delivered a speech at the National Army Museum, London on Russia’s illegal unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. In the speech they said there can be no Victory Day for Putin, there will be only dishonor and surely defeat in Ukraine.

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