Former Ex-LG of Ladakh RK Mathur Duped By A Phishing Scam of ₹2 Lakh.

Former Ex-LG of Ladakh RK Mathur

Former Ex-LG of Ladakh RK Mathur Duped By A Phishing Scam of ₹2 Lakh.

RK Mathur, a former Lieutenant Governor (LG) of Ladakh, has suffered a financial loss in excess of Rs 2 lakh due to cyber fraud. By means of a phishing scheme, the perpetrators were able to trick Mathur into believing they were a representative of a well-known e-commerce platform.

The fraudulent individuals initiated communication with Mathur via telephone, assuming the guise of a customer support representative affiliated with the e-commerce organization. They persuaded Mathur that his account had been compromised and that immediate action was necessary to restore its security by employing social engineering techniques.

Mathur was duped by the fraudsters, who pretended to aid him in protecting his account, into divulging his confidential banking information, which comprised account numbers and other relevant financial data.

Mathur, a former high-ranking government official, was deceived by the sophisticated scheme, which caused over Rs 2 lakh to be fraudulently transferred from his account. Upon coming to the knowledge of the deceit, Mathur expeditiously notified law enforcement and commenced the requisite measures to rectify the monetary damage inflicted.

This particular occurrence serves to underscore the pervasive menace of cyber fraud, in which anyone, regardless of social standing, is susceptible to deception by shrewd cybercriminals. Phishing schemes, specifically, remain a substantial apprehension in the digital environment as they exploit vulnerable individuals through deceitful methods.


It is crucial to exercise caution and vigilance when disclosing personal and financial information on the Internet, as advised by authorities. It is of the utmost importance that individuals authenticate the entities they interact with, particularly when requesting sensitive information.

Constantly, law enforcement agencies urge the public to promptly report cybercrime incidents so that perpetrators can be apprehended. Furthermore, it is critical to increase awareness regarding prevalent cyber fraud strategies and implement strong security protocols in order to protect against these dangers.

Following this incident, inquiries are currently being conducted with the objective of identifying and apprehending the cyber fraudsters who targeted RK Mathur. The ultimate goal is to avert similar incidents in the future and ensure that those culpable are held accountable.

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