Hacking an IPhone is possible even when it’s Switched-Off. Know How?

Do you know that hacking can be so dangerous to a higher level that you couldn’t even expect? One of the incidents that came in front of us is that an IPhone which is supposed to be one of the safest phones can actually be hacked.

However, the worst part is, “Even if your IPhone is Switched-Off, it can be hacked easily”. Shocked, right? Yeah, why not? Particularly, everyone might think this is just a part of a Job, however, a Secure Mobile Networking Lab of the Darmstadt University of Germany has proved that it’s possible in its own way.

Technology and Human Evolution


Humans are capable of finding new ways to feel safe and secure in an environment where their offspring can survive. However, Technological Advancement wasn’t able to satisfy every human being.

How is that possible? Well, no one knows when the technology can be used against them and it can become harmful. Just like this situation, Social Media, the Biggest Platform for every Content Creator, is giving the chance to everyone so that they can showcase their Skills and Talents.

In the past few years, cases related to mobile hacking have been increasing at a great speed. Due to this, a question arises, if your phone is switched off, then is it impossible to hack it?

Darmstadt University Found out a Shocking Event

an IPhone is possible even when it’s Switched-Off

The Secure Mobile Networking Lab of a University (Darmstadt University) found out that even a switched-off IPhone can be hacked.

According to them:

“An IPhone can’t be Switched-Off fully, some of its components are still in working condition even in that situation.  Due to that, the Hackers get the chance to get into the Controlling Panel of the IPhone. Research has proved that even when the IPhone is Shut Down, other Wireless Chips stay in Action.”

For e.g. –

Even after the IPhone is shut-down it can be tracked easily with Find My Network. Moreover, if the Battery dies the IPhone automatically goes into Power Reserve Mode. Even then students can use their Credit Card, Student Pass, and other things they had in their pockets.

How do Hackers gain the opportunity?

Previous Year Apple said:

Their Find My Service works better even when your IPhone is Switched-Off. Due to that, the IPhone stays active even when it’s not Booting Up. The R&D Department tried both conditions when the IPhone is in Low Power Mode, and is Switched-Off.

Most of the work is done with the Bluetooth Module. The most shocking was when they found out that the Firmware of the Bluetooth Module isn’t Encrypted.  The lack of a Secure Boot can give the opportunity to the hacker to gain the access of someone’s IPhone.

However, the best thing is that even if the Boot isn’t secure, to reach these components of IPhone Hackers will need to do a lot of things. Also, the Hackers must have Physical Access to the IPhone, otherwise, it won’t work.


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