Virtual Private Network is going to be a strategic shut down for India!

Virtual Private Network is going to be a strategic shut down for India!

Virtual Private Network

As everyone knows, digitally forming connections with the second person right beside us is only possible via the internet. Connection is not only meant to be spiritual, physical, or mental it can also be on the online platform.

Most businesses are reaching their potential consumers via handling online portals while collecting the reviews of consumers for rectification in the processing and delivering the services. One of the biggest services of our digital industry is VPN.

That is called the virtual private network. It comes along with several beneficial features that are surely making the market go higher than the actual process could do for it. VPN is a platform that gives access to several online servers that actually are prohibited in use for certain areas/ countries.

Now, the hitch is that Indian Laws for VPN have changed for which two of the biggest VPN service providers are defending.

What’s the Issue with this Virtual Private Network

The latest Indian Privacy Laws have changed and while it happened two big VPN service providers came in between to make some things clear. Two VPN brands, from which one is Expressvpn and another one is SurfShark have decided to zone out.

Why? What’s the matter that made these brands take such serious steps?  Indian Privacy Laws have affected these companies’ own morals. They refused the proposal to compromise on users’ data privacy and planned on shifting their physical servers from India.

Cutting down their services in India isn’t a big deal for them if they don’t get what they want, is the saying from Expressvpn. So, the benefit they were giving to India was no log-in needed. If they were to call off this service that would be like breaking their own policies.

In the end, they cut to the chase and delivered the message they’ll just remove all the physical servers from India.

According to the news:

They’ve just gone strictly against the offer which was offered by the Indian Govt. The Indian Government said to limit Internet access to Indian Society. The update in Indian Data Law states that the VPN server providers would be needing to save Users data.

It hit a great spot, because the govt. bounds the service providers to save the login info for at least 5 years max. Now, they won’t be adapting to this update. They protect people’s privacy and offer them freedom of expression (online). Providing people their free access to the Internet with privacy and security is their motto.

Just following Expressvpn, Surfshark is also on the path to quit in India. For that, they officially made a post. They also made it strict that they won’t be negotiating with a no-logs policy. This case hit the people, where privacy is already on the edge.


Many times, online servers have been detected stealing details and contacts of online users of those sites. Moreover, this thing made the life of online users more hectic. Website owners that save the data of their users on their websites don’t have much secure protection for their online database that created the path for cybercriminals to break in.

Virtual Private Network is going to be a strategic shut down for India!

Now, the question is what can we do about this if the situation is different. Let’s assume that you’re a simpleton and surf more on online sites without any VPN. Now, you’ve reached a site that is prohibited in your country. In this situation, the chances of getting stolen with your data can be more possible.

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