Numerous federal organizations, including the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), were harmed by a widespread cyberattack that took advantage of a software flaw.

The Department of Homeland Security stated in a report to a famous Press that while no “HHS networks or systems were hacked, intruders obtained the ability to access information by abusing a flaw in the MOVEit Transfer application of third party vendors.”

“HHS is taking all necessary steps… and is going to keep to update Congress on the investigation’s findings,” according to an HHS official.

The most recent organization to reportedly be impacted by the leak is HHS.  The Department of Energy was reportedly affected as well and demanded a ransom.

The government breach is thought to have been carried out by the CLoP ransomware organization, which speaks Russian.  The intruders took advantage of a flaw in the MOVEit program, which is frequently used by government organizations to transfer files.

American officials stated that they are looking into the severity and reach of the strike.

According to Eric Goldstein, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s executive assistant director for cybersecurity, his organization is “providing assistance to multiple federal departments that have encountered breaches.”


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