How Scammers Fool You in Like, Comment, and Review Scam? A Step-by-Step Process!


How Scammers Fool You in Like, Comment, and Review Scam? A Step-by-Step Process!

New Delhi:  Hi! I am Mohit Yadav, a cybersecurity analyst, and a renowned cybersecurity news panelist.  On 5th January 2024, i.e. Yesterday, I got a message from an unknown sender on WhatsApp claiming to come from MANTRA GROUP INDIA.  She told me that her name was Jivika from the mentioned company that works to advertise different personalities and organizations.  They give them a service by boosting their branding and popularity through social media.

In addition to that, they like and provide good comments on their posts that would ultimately bring them good authenticity in the current market.

Hence, they started to open up their tactics on me by simply asking me my basic details, like name, age, and occupation.

Then, they asked me to message someone with the username “@LavanyaShevade1” on Telegram, which I did without asking any suspicious questions.  Later on, as I expected, she asked for the screenshot of the message on telegram.

Finally, she started throwing the real trap on me by delivering their crammed sales pitch about their company’s works that read:

“We have 21 tasks everyday, all the tasks like the demo tasks you did, kindly let me know when you receive your payment so we can proceed to the next task.”

She didn’t even notice that I had done any tasks for her, which shows that they are not very literate people.  They just crammed some lines to throw on to people who come into their trap for easy and quick money.

Furthermore, she told me about my assigned work that read,

“Your work is just to subscribe and send me screenshot to confirm.  Payment will be done through Google pay, UPI, phone pe, paytm or any of your choice for the task you completed.”

They even threw their best arrow at me claiming,

“There is no registration fee, we pay 150Rs for the first subscription and 50Rs for each comment and subscriptions, you will receive 21 subscriptions every day.”

Finally, they sent me their “Demo Subscription Task,” for which they would pay me ₹150.  I did the same as they demanded the work of the task and shared the work screenshot with them as per their demand.

Then, I got a message from my bank of ₹150 being credited to my account.  Simultaneously, the Telegram account which they call Receptionist in their language also informed me that they have released a sum of INR 150 to my UPI ID.

Then, they took me to another Telegram group in which I was getting regular messages from random persons about getting some amount of money by taking the prepaid tasks.

In Prepaid Tasks, a person is asked to make a payment of some amount of money which will give him more amount in return. IT IS TOTALLY BOGUS!


Lastly, they asked for my utmost sensitive and personal details like Bank Name, Account Number, IFSC Code, Branch Address, etc. but I denied giving them.

It was the point where I stopped entertaining them anymore.

Being a person coming from a cybersecurity background, it is my duty to enlighten everyone that they should make appropriate distance from these kinds of Fake Work-From-Home Jobs offers they are nothing but complete scammers willing to gain your sensitive information to earn some easy money which might be your entire bank balance.

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