Indonesian Hackers are Preparing A Big Attack on India’s Cyberspace

Indonesian Hackers

Indonesian Hackers are Preparing A Big Attack on India’s Cyberspace

India has once again received a threat of a major cyber attack from an Indonesian hacker group.  The name of this gang is Genosec Team.  The threat of cyber attack has been made on the basis of some words of PMO India Mr. Narendra Modi.  Central intelligence agencies foiled the plans of Indonesian cyber criminals by exposing their conspiracy.

The security agency does not want to be lax about the matter.  In such a situation, an alert has been issued to all the cyber experts in the country.  Cyber experts are ready to deal with any kind of attack. Their website is completely updated.

According to central intelligence agencies, an Indonesian hacktivist gang, notorious for carrying out cyber-attacks across the world, hatched a conspiracy to target India.  The hacking group GenoSec Team threatened this on the Telegram channel.  The gang had based this on Prime Minister Modi’s statement on Muslims.


According to sources associated with the intelligence agency, the Genosec team had planned to attack major government institutions in the country.  The group had also planned to infiltrate into cyberspace.  There was a plan to shut down thousands of websites.  The gang had prepared to run #OperationIndia against India on April 30.  In time the intelligence agencies revealed the gang’s intentions.  Strong preparations were made to answer this.  The result was that a major attack in cyberspace was foiled.

The gang has threatened India many times in the past with such cyber attacks.  According to cyber experts of central intelligence agencies, all the websites of the country are updated.  He is fully prepared to deal with any danger.

According to cyber experts, in an attempt to spread a religious frenzy across the world, the gang has infiltrated the cyberspace of countries like America, Australia, the UK Sweden, and Israel.  But no major success was achieved anywhere.

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