iPhone Photos That Were Deleted Reappear After The Latest Apple iOS Update

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iPhone Photos That Were Deleted Reappear After The Latest Apple iOS Update

Following the installation of iOS 17.5, users of iPhones have reported that images that they had previously deleted are now showing up on their devices.

Given the large number of individuals who have reported experiencing the same peculiarities, it would appear that something went wrong, or at the very least, something that was different from what was anticipated. Some samples taken from Reddit are as follows:

I went to share a picture as I was having a conversation with my partner, and when I did so, I discovered that the most recent pictures were non-fictional work that we had created many years before.

“I have four photographs from the year 2010 that keep showing up as the most recent items that have been uploaded to iCloud. They have been erased on multiple occasions.”

“The exact same thing occurred to me. I have erased all six of the photographs that were taken at various times. Some of them I had removed in the year 2023.”


When you remove a photo from an iPhone or iPad, it is saved in an album labeled “Recently deleted” for a period of up to thirty days. This is done to make it simple to retrieve the photo in the event that it is destroyed by accident. The preceding cases, on the other hand, go much beyond this timeframe, and it is not entirely apparent what exactly has transpired in this situation.

In reality, the only thing that takes place when you delete a file is the removal of the pointer that indicates the precise location of the file. Due to this, it is difficult to locate, although it is not impossible. It is possible to retrieve the file until the system uses the location of the deleted file and replaces it with other data (which may take some time).

On Monday, Apple released the most recent update for iOS 17.5 and iPadOS 17.5, which included a caution to update your iPhone as soon as possible. This is due to the fact that iOS 17.5 addresses fifteen security flaws, several of which present significant risks. It is important that you do not allow this article to prevent you from installing the update; however, it is a good idea to be ready for some unexpected behavior anyhow.

At the time of this writing, Apple has not provided any comments regarding the matter.

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