Be Alert If You Receive Calls from FedEx, Your Bank Account Can Be Emptied in One Click

Be Alert If You Receive Calls from FedEx

Be Alert If You Receive Calls from FedEx, Your Bank Account Can Be Emptied in One Click

Cyber fraud worth crores is being done in India in the name of the American courier company FedEx.  Scammers are making victims of not only the general public but also famous people including government officials, retired Major Generals, and journalists.

Cybercriminals scare and threaten people by luring them.  Many times digital arrests are made. Let us know how this fraud is being carried out.

Is Your Courier Missing? Press 1

The fraud in the name of a courier from FedEx starts with an IVR call.  It says that if any of your couriers are missing then press 1. As soon as you press 1, fraudsters start trapping you.  Someone talks on the phone.  He would declare himself to be an employee of FedEx Courier Service.

The fraudster even reveals his employee ID.  In such a situation, people accept his words as truth.  After this, he says, “Have you booked any package from Mumbai to Taiwan?”  The scamster can even take the name of any other country in spite of Taiwan.  On refusal, it asks whether your Aadhaar card is missing or if you have given a copy of your Aadhaar card to any hospital or loan company.  The fraudster can randomly even take the names of such places where we usually give documents.

Family Members Will Also Be Punished

Further, the fraudulent FedEx employee says that a big fraud has taken place through your Aadhar card.  A package has been booked from Mumbai to Taiwan in your name.  The customs department has caught it.  It contains more than 200 grams of MDMA (banned drug).

Moreover, he can also claim that some number of passports and cash have been also found in the same package.  People get scared after hearing these things, which is the ultimate goal of fraudsters like these people.  Further, the same person would persuade you to talk to a police officer from Mumbai Police, where you can lodge a complaint.

After this, further discussion is done through WhatsApp or Skype.  Then, someone talks posing as a Mumbai Police officer.  He tries his best to scare.  He says that hawala money has been sent in your name to diverse places and accounts.  Moreover, many bank accounts have been opened with your details.

It further says that due to the kind of cases registered against you, your family members can also go to jail for up to a period of 3 years.  After disconnecting the phone the local police will reach your house and arrest whosoever is present at your home at that moment.

Notice in the Name of CBI

After this, a senior officer talks to you.  Before this, a notice is sent in the name of CBI.  Some details and provisions of punishment are written in it.  This notice is in PDF format.  The call is transferred to the senior officer only through Skype.

He calls himself DSP. He says if you don’t want to be arrested then send whatever money is in your account.  He also gives the account number.  He also says that the money is being transferred only so that your account can be verified by the Finance Ministry.  The money will be sent to you later.

FedEx’s Statement

FedEx has also given a statement regarding the matter.  The statement says FedEx does not solicit personal information through unsolicited calls or emails for any merchandise.

If anyone receives a call like this, then you are advised not to provide your personal information in any manner to the callers.  Contact the police and the Cyber Crime Department immediately.

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