Malware Malicious Apps Remove: 1 Crore People Downloaded These Common Apps. 3 Thousand Rupees To Be Deducted Every Month


Malware Malicious Apps Remove: Around 1.5  Crore People Downloaded These Common Apps; 3 Thousand Rupees To Be Deducted Every Month

check details Avast recently found that 151 Android phones in premium SMS fraud scheme Apps were present.

Cyber ​​Fraud has increased a lot. Due to dangerous and malware apps, the incidents of fraud with the users are increasing. Although Apple and Google are constantly trying to remove these types of apps, despite all this, these types of apps are coming back on the App Store.

Malware Malicious Apps Remove

Cyber ​​security software provider Avast recently found that 151 Android phones in premium SMS fraud scheme Apps were present.

More than 1 crore 6 lakh people had downloaded these 151 fraud apps in more than 80 countries all over the world. It includes multiple apps, for example:- custom keyboards, QR code scanners, video and photo editing programs, call blocks and games.

In this fraud, sign-in was used for the phone numbers of the users and their email addresses. This information has been used to sign up for the premium SMS service without the consent of the users. This type of charge is about $ 40 i.e. about 3 thousand rupees per month.

After making users their victims, the app stops working or offers new subscription options. The thing is, if a user uninstalls these programs, they will be charged the membership fee for which they were signed up.

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All these 151 fraud apps were part of the report released by Avast Cyber Security Software provider. These apps were installed by the users. If you still have any such apps then uninstall them immediately and check your bank’s debit card or credit card for any different charges or expenses.

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