Mega Messaging is being shot down by attackers in a different way

Mega Chat

How would you feel if you got a messaging app that could protect your chats even from its own employees? Wonderful, right? Why not? If you think that would be the best solution for you if you need your chats.

Mega Chat | Cyber Attacks

Mega Messaging is being shot down by attackers in a different way

Mega is a messaging App involving Chats, Voice Calls, and Video Calls. Moreover, it provides full protection over each kind of feature it offers. Unlike other Apps, it saves data on the cloud and that data is protected from everybody.

This feature even stops the company’s people from looking into the user’s personal chat or the sensitive data related to the user. In this way, protecting the user’s personal space becomes easy. This App is totally being used by 250 million users currently.

Although this app is giving these secure facilities, the researchers have found a default in this thing too. The organization claims itself with the name “Zero-knowledge” encryption service, relating to “Privacy by Design”.

Note: The specialty they offered is that the Data user would save on the App will be secured with a key derived from the user’s password. Simply said – the password is the main encryption key. The company doesn’t have access to the user’s passcode or the data by any fair means.

What’s the Issue?

ETH Zurich University

Based on the information gathered from ETH Zurich University:

“There are several security loopholes that can become the reason for stress, and anxiety. According to the UNI, these loopholes will allow the provider to decrypt and manipulate users’ data. Where the marketing department is stating completely opposite facts”.

What did “Cryptography Researchers,” say?

“After Analyzing Mega’s Source Code and Cryptographic Architect, they found 5 Vulnerabilities”.

Real Issue with “Encryption

The researcher tried to do a security test over their own accounts on Mega. After trying the Brute Force Attack on the attack, they got one answer the Main Key plays the role of a significant weakness in the service.

Shocking Statement

The user gets the Authentication Key from his/ her own password. This key is used to encrypt all of the Media Content over the Account of the user. However, just because of Ciphertexts’ Integrity Protection, the key slightly tends to break the Confidentiality of the Master Key and access over the Encryption System.

Results from that

It allows several things to happen:

  • Integrity Attacks
  • RSA Key
  • Plaintext Recovery Attacks

Due to this the establishment of an RSA Decryption Attack Vector takes place.

How do the Attacks Take Place?cy

  1. If you succeed in hacking a Session ID, you’d be able to break into the user’s a/c in max 512 Login Attempt.
  2. Due to Excessive Manipulation over Mega Software Program on User’s Computer, the Account will be forced to Continuously Log in Automatically.
  3. It shortens the Time Period of recovery of the key to just a few minutes.
  4. Possibility is great in that it can also Compromise other’s keys too on the platform.

“It can create a massive destruction of Security Policy that will include Data Stolen, uploading Inappropriate Content, Locking Accounts to threaten the users”.

TEAM MEGA on the Issue

The findings were reported to MEGA on 24th, Mar 2022. Moreover, on the same day to fix Security Loopholes, the solutions were proposed. Well, when the person proposed these things to MEGA, MEGA decided to do that in its own way.

According to Researcher:

The Initial Bugs with RSA Key were fixed. MEGA gave an explanation and said – some of the bugs are fixed that were found and others will be getting their patch sooner. According to MEGA, only the users that have Logged in max 512 have this risk. Moreover, it won’t involve resuming Existing Sessions.

Safe Play

To attack because of Cryptographic Flaws, cybercriminals will be needing “control over the heart of Mega’s Server Infrastructure. If not, they must get access via a manipulator-in-the-middle attack on the User’s Transport Layer Security connection to MEGA. These vulnerabilities affected MEGA’s Repo among its users.

Cyber Security is in “Demand”

As you can see, if the vulnerabilities wouldn’t get in front of the researchers, it could’ve got the User’s Data in trouble. Think, if you were in the same place as those users what could’ve happened to your own data?

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