Now Russian Hackers are Targeting Power Companies and Diplomats in America !


The violent war between Russia-Ukraine under the influence of European Countries and America has blown up  Russia to launch cyberattacks on diplomatic entities in Europe, America, and a few Asian countries. They are targeting the power and energy sector that can cause serious threats to countries around the world. Hackers from Russia are looking for vulnerabilities in computers and critical systems in the industry to target them.

The first time it is observed that a cyberattack by Russia can cause a serious issue for common people. It is explicitly designed to kill people by targeting security systems like power stations and critical industrial systems storing toxic chemicals. Malware deployed by Russian hackers is capable of blowing such industrial systems that could release toxic chemicals.

Sanctions imposed on Russia after their invasion of Ukraine have provoked Russian state-sponsored hackers to attack the opponent government. Sanctions imposed by the United States and the United Kingdom have drastically affected the economy of Russia during the initial phase. However, as of now, Russia has recovered and strengthened its economy. Now, Russia is targeting and launching destructive cyberattacks on all the nations that were against him during the Russia-Ukraine war.

The latest news shows that Russia is violently attacking nations around the world and diplomats using spear-phishing emails. Hackers are using administrative notices using compromised emails of the diplomatic entities to take control over the machines of the victim. It has been noticed that the initial access is gained through using the above social engineering technique.

State-sponsored actors are using malicious programs written in C and C++ to retrieve other components of malware from the command and control server. Malware named BEACON and BEATDROP are capable of stealing sensitive data such as screenshots, key logs and even facilitating arbitrary command execution.

In a report from the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Centre, a new sophisticated email-based attack using Nobelium malware has been reported. They are attempting to breach IT firms serving government employees working in NATO. Here also they are targeting those members that are primarily diplomatic and somehow involved in interfering in the Russia and Ukraine war.

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