Russian Hackers Conducted more than 200 Cyber Operations Over Ukrainian Targets!

Russian Hackers Targets Ukrainian

The Russian Federation, a transcontinental nation, and Ukraine, Europe’s second-largest country, have been actively involved in the war since early 2022. A large number of civilian and military personnel lost their lives after the war began. Ukraine is losing an average of $5 billion on a daily basis due to destroyed infrastructure and war expenditure. Recently Microsoft released a report detailing relentless and destructive Cyber Attacks over Ukrainian important computing infrastructures by the Russian Hackers.

The involvement of Advanced activity groups in targeting critical computing resources of government, financial, and telecom operators of Ukraine to disrupt normal operations has converted the Russia-Ukraine war into a modern Hybrid war. Russian hackers are conducting DDoS attacks, Destructive wipers, Espionage, and Supply Chain attacks on Ukrainian targets. Russian attackers are defacing Ukrainian websites as part of this cyber warfare.

In the Report, Microsoft showed its intention that this information will help policymakers and the public around the world know what is happening and help defend Ukrainian people and organizations from the cyber attack. According to the report issued by Microsoft, Russian actors have launched more than 237 cyber operations against Ukraine including destructive cyberattacks threatening the civilian welfare and damaging sensitive data of organizations and the military. Russian Intentions behind these cyber attacks are to shake the confidence of the civilian in the government by attacking systems of institutions, restricting people’s access to reliable and critical life services so that they can get more weight on the ongoing military operations.

Russian hackers are coordinating military operations to promote military exercises against Ukraine. This can be linked to the missile attack on the TV tower, the day hackers cyber-attacked the major broadcasting company in Kyiv. In another incident in which a Russian cyber attacker stole data from the Nuclear Security Organization and during the same time, the Russian army broke into a nuclear power plant.

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