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You must have heard of Nullcon, if not then this is the chance you can get to know about this spectacular platform. Nullcon is the annual security conference that is going to be held on 9-10 September. It’s a conference that is being held to represent the offensive and defensive security technologies to the next generation.

Most of the generation is now on online sites/ social media sites/ apps. This provided several security companies to present their research and technology via a platform that you know as Nullcon. This platform organizes several things at the conferences:

  • Prototype,
  • Exhibition,
  • Training,
  • Free Workshops,
  • Null Job Fair


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Welcoming all Researchers and Hackers

Several researchers and hackers globally are invited by Nullcon to attend the conference. This is to work on the next big thing in cyber security to submit their CFP. Do you have a passion to follow experts in security, hacking, cutting-edge research, and breaches?


It’s a platform that has motivated several researchers to develop their skills at most, and to enhance the standards of judging the submissions. Moreover, it also shares the information related to Zero-day vulnerabilities, latest attack vectors, and other cyber threats. There will be several security researchers and experts from various fields. Also, they will be discussing about information security, also will be showing multiple offensive, and defensive security technologies.

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Then the only thing you need to do is follow Nullcon and join the events held by it. There will be several other researchers joining hands with you for the development of technology and data science. Be there at the right moment and achieve the honor of being with the best researchers around the world. This event is going to be held in Goa, on the 9th of September, 2022.

If you wish to participate in this event then you can follow the following procedures:

Early Submission

If you want to submit for this event then submitting early would raise the chances of getting selected in the first round of review itself. To pass the fuss that could result in more competition because of the papers submitted later, you need to make sure that your submission must place in the first row of selection. That would be best for the outcomes that you’re hoping for.

Tech Description

The best way to define the work of your tech is to brief the details in the description related to your tech. That’s because clear chit descriptions show the legitimacy of the technology offered by the submitter. This comes as the nature of the reviewers that they usually give a low score to submissions that have very small/ vague abstracts.

Moreover, it may not request more details. As the submitter, the best way you can represent your tech is to provide a fully explained technical paper that briefs all the vulnerabilities, exploits, etc in detail. This will ease the process of selecting the best submission submitted by researchers.


Pyhton Training & Certification Course


Place for Improvements

Rejection is a sort of suggestion for the loopholes needed for improvements. If anyhow you get rejection in the paper don’t take it as an offense against your tech or to belittle you. Moreover, rejected submissions don’t mean that they weren’t good. In competition, there would be many more researchers submitting their research and reports there.

So, according to the organization’s needs, there would be many parameters they look at when reviewing contestants’ papers, technical in-depth is only one of them. The reasons that you need to focus on improving your submissionsqualities are as follows:

  • There could be already an accepted paper on a similar subject.
  • Sometimes there could be too many good submissions than yours.
  • Maybe, your submission is already presented/published elsewhere.

They want everyone to succeed and are there only trying to help you by preparing you for future better opportunities. Therefore, you don’t need to be worried about any such problems.


Nullcon Annual Security Conference, Goa, 9-10 Sep, 2022.2


In case, your submission is already being submitted in front of Nullcon or if it is an upgrade of an already presented research, please DO NOT tag it as new research as it falls under current research. That won’t do any benefit, not only to you or to Nullcon.

Latest Invention

On this platform, only newly researched reports and submissions are accepted. Already published research before Nullcon Conference Dates are not applicable for the rewards and benefits afterward. Latest research submissions get the chance to go first over current research.

Rework/enhancement, existing research, or similar presentation to the past submissions will get less scoring in comparison to the latest research.

Nullcon Goa 2022: Nullcon International Security Conference and Training will take place in Grand Hyatt Goa, India. It’s a 2 days event starting on Sep 9, 2022 (Friday) and will end on Sep 10, 2022 (Saturday).

Nullcon Goa 2022 falls under the following areas: SECURITY, HACKING, CYBER SECURITY, INFOSEC, etc. Submissions for this Conference can be made by Jun 5, 2022.

Before you go for any arrangements to get to Goa, please check the official website for potential changes. That’ll make you less hassle in working. Usually, events are scheduled and have a deadline. For better communication, and more clearance, do look out for the official website for the pre-decided deadlines.

Other Details of the Nullcon Goa 2022

  • Short Name: Nullcon Goa 2022
  • Full Name: Nullcon International Security Conference and Training
  • Timing: 09:00 AM-06:00 PM (expected)
  • Fees: Check the official website of Nullcon Goa 2022
  • Event Type: Conference
  • Website Link:
  • Location/Address: Grand Hyatt Goa, India


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