1 Arrested for Defrauding a Dwarka Man of ₹ 32 lakh via Online Fraud

Online Fraud

A man was detained by the Dwarka Cyber Police in relation to an internet scam in which a man was reportedly defrauded of Rs 32 lakh, an official said on Saturday.

Official, Saturday

A suspect from Muzaffarpur in Bihar was detained by the Dwarka Cyber Police for allegedly stealing 32 lakh rupees from a man.

DCP Dwarka, on April 12, 2023

He claimed that he was contacted via the Telegram App and asked to join a part-time job where he would have to like and share online channels. The complaint was made to Police Station Cyber Dwarka. The complaint earned a commission for marketing the channels in this way.

After winning the complainant’s trust, they asked him to invest in the online “like and share” packages and assured him that they would give him big profits. The complainant invested a total of Rs 32 Lakh in numerous accounts in this manner through numerous transactions. The crooks did not give the complainant their money or high returns after turning off their mobile phone.

According to the complainant’s statement, a case was filed at Cyber Police Station Dwark under Section 420/120B/34 IPC, and an investigation was launched.

The specifics of the beneficiary bank accounts were discovered during the examination. The information from the claimed person’s mobile number was obtained and examined.

The accused was located in Bihar, using both manual and technical surveillance. The suspect, Saurabh, a resident of Sahibganj, Muzaffarpur, Bihar, was detained after it was discovered that the accused was employed as a manager in a hotel.

Out of 32 lakhs, Rs. 5 lakh was stolen and deposited into a bank account run by the accused, Saurabh, under the name Om Sai Traders.

During a thorough interrogation, the alleged offender admitted that they offered the complainant a part-time job liking and sharing YouTube channels in exchange for a small upfront investment. They then promised to return the complainant’s invested funds along with a small commission.

After winning the complainant’s trust, they requested a sizable investment from the complainant. However, after that, neither the money nor the commission was repaid.

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