Pan Card Fraud: No OTP or Any Bank Details Given, Yet ₹13.8 Lakh Looted

Pan Card Fraud

Pan Card Fraud: No OTP or Any Bank Details Given, Yet ₹13.8 Lakh Looted

A new case of cyber fraud has come to light, where lakhs of rupees have been stolen from a person’s bank account very cleverly.  This amount is ₹13.8 lakh.  Scammers asked the victim to update the PAN card and ultimately he became a victim of cyber fraud.  Let us know about this case of cyber fraud in detail.

Every day new cases of cyber fraud are coming to light.  Now a new case of cybercrime has come to light, where a 72-year-old man has faced fraud of ₹13.8 lakh.

This case is from Pune and the police have registered an FIR and started an investigation.  Let us know about this entire matter in detail.

Actually, a total of ₹13.86 lakh was withdrawn from the bank account of a 72-year-old man and the police have now registered a complaint.

The thing to note is that in this the users neither shared any bank details nor gave any OTP.

Looted On The Pretext of PAN Card

Police have said that during the month of August, the victim received a call from an unknown number, who promised to update the PAN card.

After this, the scammers told the elderly about the disadvantages of not updating the PAN card.

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