Rubrik, A Microsoft-backed Organization Shares A Plan to “Increase” Cybersecurity in India


Rubrik, A Microsoft-backed Organization Shares A Plan to “Increase” Cybersecurity in India

Rubrik Inc., a startup specializing in cloud data management and data security, intends to broaden its operations in India.  In light of the escalating cyber threats, the company supported by Microsoft is considering acquiring other companies and aims to capitalize on the significant expansion of data and digital technologies.

The corporation has allocated one-third of its global activities to India for a period of six years. Currently, it is engaged in discussions with several startups in the nation.

Rubrik is dedicated to safeguarding global data.  The organization predicts that the cybercrime industry will have a value of $10 trillion by the year 2025.  As a result, cybersecurity will rank as the world’s third-largest economy.  Bipul Sinha, the chairman, co-founder, and CEO of Rubrik, referred to a report that predicts a ransomware attack occurring almost every two seconds in the next ten years.

Rubrik’s Objectives for India

Sinha emphasized in a statement to the Economic Times that cyber-attacks are unavoidable and India requires enhanced cyber defense.  Particularly, as the nation’s online presence expands and intersects with the recently announced regulations of the Digital India Act and Digital Personal Data Protection framework.

Rubrik is collaborating with an Indian cyber insurance company to assist financial sector organizations.  Sinha stated that these organizations possess substantial volumes of data and have consistently been at the forefront of embracing intellectual property (IP) and cybersecurity, in light of the stringent legal framework both internationally and in India.

Rubrik initiated a ransomware recovery warranty campaign worth $10 million in India during the month of July.  According to this proposal, Rubrik will bear the costs of recovering safeguarded data in the event that they are unable to retrieve the data that was lost.

In India, the firm, which has been in operation for 10 years, has expanded its workforce to 1,000 employees and intends to recruit additional staff.

The company caters to over 5,000 enterprise clients, such as Pepsico, Honda, GSK, Sephora, and Home Depot, among others.

Sinha emphasized that it is crucial to educate clients about the importance of not just relying on attack prevention, as this approach fails to establish an effective strategy. We aim to provide assistance to India while also advancing our own interests in establishing digital trust.

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