Seeker : The Geolocation tracker

The Geolocation tracker

Seeker: The Geolocation tracker

Hello, everyone today I will show you how to use “Seeker” ( social engineering) for gathering the Geolocation of the target.
It’s a very accurate tool for finding the location. It provides the google location with altitude and latitude. It also gives details of the os version and many other details like the public IP of the target.

Let see how it works:-

installing Seeker
Run the command:- git clone
goto seeker directory and run these  command

apt install python3 python3-pip php
pip3 install requests

Now Run the seeker on kali:- python3 -t manual

choose option 0

Then host the port

Run the ngrok command

copy the link as highlighted in the above image and run on the browser on any device

The screen will appear like

as soon as the target click on the continue button the location with other details will be available to you


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