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What is Sextortion Scam and how to protect yourself from a Sextortion scam?

Law enforcement agencies are doing their best to protect you from various kinds of Cybercrimes, but every time cybercriminals come up with new ways to do such crimes. how scammers are using your photographs and videos for extorting money from you. know what is sextortion scam or video blackmail scam.

New Delhi: Cybercriminals are coming up with new ways to do cybercrime every day, in the last few months sextortion crimes have increased, a lot of cyber scammers have been busted by cyber cell within few weeks, Similar kind of case came up with a boy in New Delhi when a scammer poses as a youtube employee and extorted Rs 80000 on the name of putting his video on youtube. On the complaint of the victim special cell has booked a case on scammers.

It all started with an online friendship with a girl on Facebook

As per the information a boy in Amar colony, New Delhi connected with an unknown girl on Facebook, after some days both started chatting after some days girl send him a video on WhatsApp in which the boy was found doing some adult activities, Victim was pressurized to pay the extortion amount by blackmailing him, again and again, multiple times, As per the boy, the video was morphed by the scammer. She started blackmailing him stating that she will send this video to his Facebook friends and families.

The victim told that scammer called boys multiple times, on which she said that if she did not pay the amount then she will make the video viral on social media and other adult platforms. In starting she asked 2000 which the boy paid to her after some time she again asked for money which the boy denied as he already paid in multiple small installments. after this boy filed a complaint in the cyber cell.

50 thousand rupees cheated by becoming a YouTube officer

The next day the victim’s youth received another call, the caller called himself a YouTube official and said that he has received a pornographic video for uploading, in which the victim’s face was clearly visible. Hearing this, the aggrieved youth got scared. Taking advantage of this, the accused transferred 50 thousand rupees to his bank account in lieu of not uploading the video.

After receiving threats call victim filed a complaint at cyber cell

Scammer again demanded 40 thousand rupees. But this time the victim refused to give the money. Due to which the scammer threatens the boy to upload the video n facebook and defame him. But after being harassed by repeated threats, finally, the victim lodged a complaint in the cyber cell for the whole case.

Know how scammers are doing this crime from Cyber Expert Mohit Yadav

Cyber ​​expert “Mohit Yadav” says that there are many gangs who cheat people in the name of sextortion. Such gangs make people a victim through various social media and dating apps. People of this gang become friends on Facebook by becoming women and after that, during the chatting, they make porn videos using their pictures and video calls.

Many times, women are also involved in such gangs who work to produce videos by trapping the victim. This video is forcibly extorted from them in the name of sending it to their family and relatives. Many such cases had come up in the past and the Delhi Police had also taken big action regarding this. Many such gangs were caught by the Special Cyber Cell of Delhi Police. But in spite of this kind of fraud is going on. People need to be cautious about this.

Mohit Yadav Cyber Expert

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Know the advice of a cyber expert

  • Never connect with unknown people on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Always keep your Facebook profile lock so unknown people can not see your pics and friend list.
  • Friendship with unknown friends should be done with precautions.
  • never exchange video or photographs with an unknown person on WhatsApp, any video call, or any social media portal.
  • No person from youtube or any social media platforms will call or ask you for money.
  • If someone is blackmailing you, make an official complaint at or 155260 cyber cell toll-free number. Also, do an official complaint at your nearest police station with complete details. Kindly explain everything from starting to ending properly in the complaint.
  • Never give Ransome to anyone, if someone tries to blackmail you, you will fall into a never-ending trap of fulfilling their demands.

Example of a Sextortion Email

sextortion email

They normally ask for money using bitcoin. Beware of Such threats.

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