SIM Card Factory Busted In Odisha: Keonjhar Caught Cybercriminals with 400+ Fake SIM Cards Sold

SIM Card Factory Busted In Odisha

SIM Card Factory Busted In Odisha: Keonjhar Caught Cybercriminals with 400+ Fake SIM Cards Sold

Keonjhar police busted a gang that was selling 4,000 phony SIM cards; the victims of the scams came from different states and were exploited by hackers nationwide.

The Keonjhar Cyber Police Station in Odisha has shut down a fraudulent SIM card scheme that was active in the district as part of a significant campaign against cybercrime. Four people have been taken into custody as part of a ring that activated and sold SIM cards that were not authorized to cybercriminals all over India.

These people are accused of activating more than 4,000 SIM cards in Odisha before selling them to cybercriminals throughout India, which fueled a surge in online fraud.

Preying on Trust, Posing as Agents

The group had an incredibly straightforward method of operation. They obtained access to people’s private information and documents in Keonjhar by posing as Point of Sale (POS) agents for several telecom service providers.

They then used this information to activate thousands of SIM cards without the legitimate owners’ knowledge or approval.

Fueling Fraud Across Borders

Cybercriminals operating in states like Rajasthan, Jharkhand, and Bihar used these illegally activated SIM cards as weapons. These pre-activated cards were utilized by con artists to carry out different internet frauds, leaving a trail of deceived victims all over the nation.

From Loan Scams to E-bike Frauds

These con artists target people from a variety of backgrounds. Using one of these illicit SIM cards, a citizen of Maharashtra became a victim of a fraudulent bank loan scheme run by cyber criminals.

With the promise of substantial savings, a second victim from Telangana was drawn into an e-bike purchase fraud. These are but a few glimpses into the enormous web of lies that the racket is spinning.

Cracking the Code, Busting the Ring

The breakdown of this cybercriminal network commenced with a crucial tip from Maharashtra Police, who were looking into a related case.

With the help of this tip, the Keonjhar Police methodically put the puzzle together, identifying and apprehending the four accused— Rajkishore Jena, Tapan Kumar Jena, Subrat Jena, and Pradip Mishra.

A Haul of Evidence

A substantial quantity of incriminating material, including 538 SIM cards, 18 cell phones, five biometric scanners, bank passbooks, and ATM cards, was taken by the police during the arrests.

This haul adds weight to the prosecution’s case against the accused and offers insightful information about the scope and workings of the racket.

Price of a Pre-Activated Scam

According to police findings, the defendants charged between Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 for each pre-activated SIM card while selling them to cybercriminals. This comparatively low cost served as an encouragement for a multistate online fraud network that claimed innumerable lives.

Unraveling the Bigger Picture

Over 300 FIRs that were filed across the nation involving the use of SIM cards that the apprehended gang had activated in cybercrime cases have been located thus far by Keonjhar Police. This emphasizes their operation’s extensive reach and detrimental effects.

Keonjhar Police has delivered a serious blow to a cybercrime network that was dependent on fraudulent activity and identity theft with the arrest of these four people and the seizure of evidence that implicates them.

This operation serves as a reminder of how cybercrime is always changing and how vigilante action is required to stop it.

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