Technical Cyber Strategy For Securing Cloud Based Services And Infrastructure


The year 2020 has given a boost to the cloud services for business purposes and solutions to the many other services. But everything comes with a cost. With the rise in demand for cloud-based services, there is a need in developing a better cyberinfrastructure to get distant from infra sabotage.
The growth of equipping cloud-based services is massive around the world as it provides speed, scale and capacity. With AI collaborating with the cloud it has increased the business prospect of the enterprise. This gives an idea that the year 2021 will end with a growth of about 31.6 percent in cloud services in India.

Vulnerabilities Of Cloud

  1. chances of a security breach due to misconfiguration
  2. cloud API gateway act as the only point of entry, which can be compromised.
  3. Unauthorized use of inexpensive services provided by the cloud bases services.


Strategies to be kept in mind

  1. Risk assessment and architecture strategy: It is the first and the main step towards securing any kind of service. The risk associated with the cloud should be analyzed and then should be researched according to compliance and with regulations and with technical and operational KPIs.
  2. Architectural secure Design: By this, it means that the architecture and design of the cloud system should have an inbuilt cloud firewall and its own DDOS protection option. Also, the logs/event monitoring system should be parallel to the overall security system.
  3. Encryption: The data upload, send, fetch, transfer, and all the data-related attributes and functions should be encrypted end to end.
  4. MFA: All the cloud service-based platforms should be enabled with Multifactor Authentication ( MFA ).
  5. Zero Trust Policy: The infrastructure should come with a zero-trust policy to enterprise i.e security from the basic servers to networks and from here to governance compliance and reporting.

With these strategic steps, we can work with cloud infrastructure and their platforms without having any major security concerns.

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