6000 Times Cyber Attack Attempts over ICMR after AIIMS

 Cyber Attack on AIIMS

News4Hackers has already started gathering information on how AIIMS’s servers got hacked and who was behind the Cyber Attack on AIIMS. However, a piece of news came in that shooked the whole medical industry of India. Adversaries didn’t stop at hacking AIIMS’s server, but they included…

NDTV, Sources

As we already know that AIIMS servers got into a Cyber Attack leading to a breach of a major hacking experience for all; another massive attempt of hacking was made on the official website of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).



According to the reports and pieces of evidence total amount of 6,000 hacking attempts were made to India’s Top Medical Body’s website on Nov, 30.









Hackers were caught with the help of the hackers’ IP Addresses. What’s an IP Address? It’s a unique address that saves the devices connected to the internet. It was traced and was identified to be a HongKong based blacklisted IP address.


Updated Firewall saved ICMR websites from getting hacked by adversaries, which was featured with enhanced security measures by the top medical body.

Delhi-based AIIMS was victimized in a ransomware attack the previous month, that affected almost every other department of the hospital.

AIIMS’s servers were down for 10 days, pointing at the severity of cyber attacks that impacted several services on the premises of the hospital.

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Dec, 04, 2022

Another Medical Institute opposite AIIMS, Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi, get into a cyber attack as well. However, damages weren’t as far as the AIIMS faced. So, that doesn’t mean you should leave the resources in the open air.

Dr BL Sherwal, Medical Superintendent, Safdarjung

“There was a cyberattack. Our server was also down in November for a single day, but data was secured. It was handled by IT, National informatics Centre (NIC) which revived the systems.”

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He also said that the cyber attack wasn’t ransomware. Another official from the hospital said that IP was blocked.

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