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Thiruvananthapuram: Police collected some data related to 300 victims of a cyberscam involving “worm from home & business at home,” which caused a loss of ₹4 crores to scammers online in the last month Kerala. 

Police Officers 

The amount was estimated after compiling data from the complaints. The anonymous report could go even higher than this. 

Kerala Police 

The amount lost from victims was let out from the following states as 

  1. Maharashtra, 
  1. Jharkhand, and 
  1. Bengal. 

Astongishly, victims were women & homemakers. Police registered some cases related to the swindling of ₹40 Lakh from various areas, such as 

  1. Thiruvananthapuram, 
  1. Kochi, and 
  1. Kozhikode. 

According to the Police, it was also observed that Kerala is top of the list of states battling these cases. 

Following the police data, scammers were involved in many cases where they duped Kerala people out of ₹10 Crore/ month. 


The target gets a message on WhatsApp/ Facebook with an offer of “Work-From-Home.” If the victim shows a positive attitude towards the offer, they get two links for business videos. After watching both videos, an amount of ₹ 1,000 as a reward gets transferred to the victim’s bank A/c. 

Afterward, the targets receive another 10 videos. However, in exchange for watching them, the target receives payment in points only. Furthermore, targets get more tasks to complete. After sustaining 1 Lakh Points, the targets were asked to transfer ₹ 50,000 to get ₹ 1 Lakh. 

After transferring those 50 grands, the targets get asked for another 10 grands as tax. 

Business fraud too 

This scam includes fabricating products sold by big brands name at cheap stakes. 

  • First, scammers sell shoes, TV, or Laptop to the target at low prices. Ex – Shoes worth ₹ 8 k available for ₹ 2 K via Telegram A/c. 
  • Days later, a fraudster would call the victim to purchase those shoes at a higher rate. Ex – ₹ 6,000. 
  • Then, the target could buy a Laptop of ₹ 40,000 for less than ₹ 10,000. 
  • Days later, the target would be approached by a buyer asking for the laptop to sell at ₹ 30,000. 
  • After winning the victim’s trust, the scammers would offer the chance to the target to buy items of ₹ 4-5 Lakh. 
  • However, after buying and paying for the purchase, the social media group will self-disappear. 

Following such cases, a homemaker (Kozhikode) lost around ₹ 4 Lakh to this scam. The Kerala Police found that criminals had withdrawn that amount from an ATM near Howrah Railway Station, Kolkata. 

Call helpline number 1930 

These cases might have shocked you how could anybody be this foolish to believe in such a scam? But don’t worry! If you ever confront such an attack, you must immediately call the number “1930.” 

The bank would immediately freeze the first 3 transactions in time. Your whole amount will be recovered under the circumstances you call this number before the money is transferred to a different account/ let out from an ATM. 

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