Sonu Nigam Calls Attention to Online Fraud

The well-known artist used his Facebook platform to reveal an unsettling occurrence in which a fake team member impersonated him.

Sonu Nigam, a well-known singer and an iconic celebrity, recently made an unexpected disclosure on Facebook that exposed con artists seeking to use his fame for illegal gain.

The artist cautioned fans against falling for such tricks by posting screenshots of a user posing as a member of his staff.

With bogus promises of seeing Sonu Nigam in person in return for a specific sum of money, the imposter had been deceiving admirers.

Sonu Nigam emphasized his worry and advised supporters to be watchful, highlighting the fact that no honest team member would take part in such activities.

The Post read, “Hello, I’m Erica from Sonu Nigam Social Media Management Team.  My team and I were instructed to contact some of his active fans.  Okay, you were selected among the very lucky few contacted to have a personal conversation with him directly.  Directives from Sonu Nigam.”

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Sonu Nigam Calls Attention


Sonu Nigam Calls Attention to Online Fraud

Sonu Nigam Calls Attention to Online Fraud

Sonu Nigam Calls Attention to Online Fraud

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