Thugs Defrauded People of ₹58 Lakhs by Showing Motivational Video


Thugs Defrauded People of ₹58 Lakhs by Showing Motivational Video

A Ghaziabad resident became a victim of ₹58 Lakh fraud after watching motivational videos on YouTube.  Read the whole story in detail.

Noida:  Cybercriminals keep coming up with new and extremely clever ways to defraud people.  Cybercriminals are now cheating people by showing motivational videos on YouTube.

Being Overly Motivated Costed High

One person found it very expensive to invest after watching motivational videos on YouTube.  A person living in a society in Rajnagar Extension, Ghaziabad became a victim of fraud of ₹58 lakh.  The girl says that the thugs first sent her the link to a YouTube video.  After this, he was added to the stock study group.

The fraudsters told the group that they had been included in a panel from the United Kingdom that taught them about stocks.  Not only this, the miscreants also told him about the profits from investment through many posts. This is where the fraud started with the promise of more benefits.

After this, the thugs of that group sent a link to the person and asked him to invest, and then the person started investing through that link from his and his wife’s account.

Lost ₹58 Lakh in Trading

Through the group, the thugs gradually started taking money from the person in the name of investment. On the instructions of the fake group, he transferred a total of Rupees 58 lakh 61 thousand to the account of the scammers.  During this time, the vicious person was also sending some motivational videos related to investment to the victim and encouraging him.

When the man tried to withdraw some money, the stock study group members advised him to invest more money first.  After this, he invested the money again. But, even after this, he was not able to withdraw even a single penny, after which he felt cheated.  He has lodged a complaint at Sector 36 cyber crime police station.

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