Times unveils an Indian hacker group targeting companies, politicians, and journalists.

“Times” unveils an Indian hacker group targeting companies, politicians, and journalists.

An Indian hacker group was found guilty of doing some unethical hacking practices for someone who wants data related to several individuals. In this case, several famous people are included, and they have suffered a lot because of those practices. Well, not only that, but several serious irregularities were also disclosed that significantly impacted the individuals. But what was the whole plan, and how the hacker executed it? You can read this article and share your views in the comments section.

Some private investigators from London exposed WhiteInt (a hacker group). This India-based hacker group targets British Companies, Government Officials, and Journalists. All this was exposed by an investigation published in Sunday Edition from “The Times,” which was in collaboration with the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

They got control over the hacker group’s database, and it exposed the extraordinary extent of the attacks. More than 100 Email Accounts were targeted in the attack; this was shown in the British Newspaper. Also, that was disclosed by the detectives working for autocratic states, British Lawyers, and their Wealthy Clients.

Several Celebs from Qatar were threatened to unmask some irregularities operated by the Gulf Country because of the World Cup of Football opening. A vast population suffered from computer violations. In history, this was when an influential hacker group’s internal database leaked to the media and exposed several criminal conspiracies. Some of the hackers’ clients are private investigators employed by major law firms based in the City of London.



The Times” and Bureau of Investigative Journalism investigation, based on leaked documents and undercover activities carried out in India, revealed

  That last May, three weeks after the announcement of his appointment, the hacker group was asked to target the political editor of the “BBC,” Chris Mason.

  The Swiss President was also targeted, Ignazio Cassis, who was listed as a target for the hacker group after meeting Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Downing Street last April to discuss sanctions against Russia.

  Philip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer between 2016 and 2019, suffered cyber breaches while holding that post and was suffering the fallout from the so-called “Skripal Case

  The poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia advent in Salisbury in 2018 and for which the Russian Military Secret Service was officially accused.

      According to “The Times,“…  Popular Juventus Player and former UEFA President Michel Platini had suffered a data breach short before his deposition with the French Police to explain the scenario from the corruption, which was somewhat related to the World Cup in Qatar.

      Jonathan Calvert, a journalist of “The Times” at the forefront of exposing the corruption that led FIFA to award the World Cup to Qatar in 2010.

      The hackers also hacked into the mailboxes of

1)  Ruth Buscombe, Head of British racing strategy, Alfa Romeo Formula 1 Team.

2)     Otmar Szafnauer, Managing Director, Aston Martin Team, Since 2018 and early this year.

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With other individuals mentioned in the archives of Indian Hackers, it has been seen that a private investigator was hired by a London Law Firm representing Russian State that would have ordered investigators to target a UK-Resident Oligarch that is considered unfaithful to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In the end, adversaries gain access to Pakistani Politicians, Generals, and Diplomats’ computers. After that, they intercepted their personal conversions many times at the behest of Indian Intelligence.

WhiteInt Group

  This Group of Hackers operated from a 4th-floor apartment in a suburb of Gurugram, India.

  According to “The Times,” it was Aditya Jain, 31, a television cybersecurity expert who also goes for dayshift work at the Indian Office of UK Accounting Firm Deloitte.

  It’s been 7 years since Aditya Jain ran the hacking group. British Private Investigators contacted him to breach their targets’ email inboxes via “Phishing Techniques.”

      The group also exploits software that can take access to computer cameras & microphones, allowing them to record and listen to targets of these cyberattacks.

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