TikTok came back again by Backdoor in India.

TikTok came back again by Backdoor in India.

Everybody knows about what TikTok is, and why is it got banned in India. Several users were not happy with the decision of banning such a popular application from the platform. However, after many protest the ban was proceeded.

This action left a lot of users in vain, that how could someone do something like this to them. However, as of now, everybody did get several substitutes of TikTok in India and other countries as the technology developed by other popular companies.

Reels from Instagram, Snapchat and several other platforms did give the chances to the talented people so that they could show their talents via such platforms. Here, we’re hearing that TikTok has begun to make its place in India again via backdoors. What? Yeah, for real! How did that happen? Let’s read in this blog.

Thursday, Sen. Marco Rubio, and Rep. Mike Gallagher (R., Wis)

Chinese Social Media Platform TikTok should be banned in America, claiming Chinese Communist Party can utilize it to brainwash, track, surveil Americans.

A Washington Post, lawmakers explained the beneficiary acts of CCP’s access to Apps Data, and Surveilling. One Billion Users/ month are active over the platform, and it became the most downloaded App in the U.S.

ByteDance is the parent company of the Chinese Company TikTok. It isn’t owned by any state authority, however, in China, not a single company is purely private. Companies are strictly following the rules to share data with the Chinese Government.

“The app has censored references to the Chinese genocide of Uyghurs and the 1989 protests in Tiananmen Square.”

One of America’s Central News Sources is in control of TikTok, and its parent company ByteDance. It could be one of the resources of TikTok it was argued. Apps also got features that helps in collecting data and locations of users, including sensitive national security information.

TikTok and CCP Extension has the capability to monitor the users’ daily phone activities within few keystrokes. Rubio and Gallagher said were to introduce legislation to ban the app in the nation.

A Report from News 18 were also following this News

How money disappears from people’s bank accounts and in what way it can be a threat to national security. Chinese Apps were running indiscriminately in the number of hundreds, which were banned by the Government of India from the pov of security as a security threat. But now through the backdoor, this Chinese app can be used in any corner and part of India. People have already start using it. But what is a backdoor?

Mohit Yadav, Cyber Security Expert

“A door that allows access to your room, phone, or system is called a backdoor. If you refer to a backdoor application, any application that performs a different function at the front but engages in another function at the back, that is what shapes the definition of a backdoor. In front, they look like any normal software, but at the back, they will steal your data and store it in their database.

Let’s talk about Google Play Store and Apple Store, their cyber security experts sitting in the backend. Whenever a developer tries to get his application onboard on that platform, first of all, app goes in front of cyber security experts. That application is thoroughly checked to determine whether it is safe for not for the users.

They also check whether it is possible to extract data from those apps or not; only after that those applications are made available to the users on the platform. But when we talk about Chinese Apps, they are available on their official websites. Most of those applications you will not see on the AppStore or PlayStore. You will only see those applications on their official websites, from where you can download them. For this, you have to log in to those websites; then, only those apps will be available to you.

If we talk about TikTok, then it cannot be downloaded from PlayStore in India. You will not find this application on PlayStore or AppStore in India. But there are many people who are sharing the modified versions of this application through many malicious links. Moreover, it can have fatal consequences. It may be like that because some arrangements might have been made behind the codes of website to steal data from the backdoor.

People are downloading and running this application on a large scale from there. But to run it also, a procedure has to be followed. It does not start working immediately after installing it on the mobile. People run it through VPN, aka Virtual Private Network, with which the application first connects to the US server, after which it connects to the TikTok server.

Due to this, TikTok sees it as the request is generated from the US server and then reached TikTok. In this, the actual server is from India, but due to the arrival of a hoop in the middle, it becomes the server of the US. The application can be downloaded and accessed from any reputed VPN.

This gives an understanding of how big the threat is going to be. National Security is also threatened by this. This application is blocked from the servers of India. When the request generates from Indian servers, the servers of India are unable to detect that someone is trying to open TikTok. It is encrypted from India to the US. After this, TikTok opens from the US server, which follows the trap and shows the apps’ dashboard on your phone. This means that this is a backdoor in which even the Indian government does not know that a tunnel is created in it through which all the discussions and videos are being downloaded or uploaded; they are being transferred only via the tunnel.

Normally such applications will not open in India because their URLs are blocked in India. But you can open them through hidden proxy servers. These servers can also be called VPNs, through which the data of all blocked applications can be accessed.

There is a solid reason behind the Ban of any application; if it is not so, then the applications may not be banned at all. There is a proper forensic investigation of such applications. Each program of those applications is disassembled. After that, the coding of that software is checked, and what they do, it is also checked in that which code is capturing the data and sending it to which server. Along with this, the location of the servers is checked in which direction that data is being sent. Applications are blocked on this basis.


When data comes out, that data includes phone numbers, calls, messages, photos, and videos, which can be downloaded from those servers. Similar applications can also transfer money by spreading malware on your device. When you install such applications as soon as they are installed, these applications ask you for some permissions, one of which is – SMS.


OTPs from the bank account comes to you through SMS only. As soon as you give permission, that application is able to read all those messages, even if it is OTP. With the help of those OTPs, your money is withdrawn.

Whenever you give permission to these applications, along with those permissions, all your details, along with the locations, are gone. Whichever company is controlling that application knows that this location is near the border or that the people who access this application are living near the border.

They turn on monitoring on those users. Under monitoring, the target’s locations, what images he is clicking, photos inside the phone, where the photos were taken, all this gets embedded in your photos and videos. On the basis of this, they decide their next move.

It is only possible for the government to ban such applications on those platforms. But people are modifying them and sharing them on different websites. So, it becomes a regular process to follow to trace and downplay those applications.

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People install apps for entertainment so that they can watch videos on them. To download them, they search the website on Google. There they reach those websites from which they can access those applications. Children also unknowingly search sites for games and download them from there and start playing games. Due to not having their own mobile, they download those apps on their parents’ phones. A malicious content via such fake games reaches those smartphones, after which the money is withdrawn by taking people’s bank accounts’ access.

Please don’t click on the links that are coming from unknown sources and please put parental control on your devices to let it reach out of the hands of your kids whatever the reason your child is taking your device for. Learn, Research, and Grow!

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