Thales, French Defence and Technology Group victimized by Lockbit Gang Data Leaked

One of the most famous organizations, “Thales,” has become part of one of the victims of the most brutal data breach attacks. The one who came into the spotlight for the spot of the attacker is the “Lockbit Gang.” But what was the full case, and how did they get caught doing whatever they did?

Thales, Global High-Tech Leader

The firm has been caught in a ransomware attack that leaked data breached from the database of the Firm via a Ransomware Gang. This Gang is known by the name “Lockbit Gang.” Being a company that is responsible for the employment of 81,000 employees and is famous for being a global high-tech leader, it’s hard to face such consequences. The same invests in DigiTech and innovations such as

  • Big Data
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Connectivity
  • Cybersecurity
  • Quantum

It’s all to create a future of relations and trust, which is vital for society’s development. This can make more space in people’s hearts so they can believe in your brand.

Earlier, it was confirmed by Thales that it was fully confident that the ransomware group LockBit 3.0 claimed to have breached some of its data. That sounds like something serious. It means one more victim is added to Lockbit 3.0 Group’s attacks, 31, Oct, 2022.

Adversaries made a threat to the firm, stating that they would publish breached data by 7, Nov, 2022. In return they want ransom money by the deadline.

Leaked data

Damn! The deadline ended, and Lockbit exposed the breached data as the settlement wasn’t made from the Thales’ side.

Friday, Lockbit begun publishing sensitive data breached from Thales. Company tried to lower the stress of connected entities and said that the breach wouldn’t affect organizational operations.

It was the second time current year; Thales became victim of a cyberattack run by Lockbit Gang. First event happened Jan this year, even then the company refused to pay the ransom money. Hundreds of Zip Archives aired that time and the publisher was also Lockbit Gang. That attacked was happened on 1, Jan, 2022. Intercode codes were breached in that attack.

Le Parisien, Le Parisien (French Newspaper)

“These 1,320 files were no longer available for download on Tuesday morning.”

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the Thales group acknowledged the exfiltration of data and specified that “most of the stolen files which appear to have been copied from a code repository server (“code repository”), hosting data with a low level of sensitivity and which is external to the group’s main information systems.”

As you can see, the security breaches are increasing day by day. Moreover, learning from the events would be the first thing a learner should do, and we all should try to enhance the security of our data from unknown sources that can exploit our system to get their impure intentions complete. Save yourself from such ferocious tricks of such malicious people. Learn, Research, and Grow!

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