FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is being monitored for Potential Cyber Threats

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is being monitored for Potential Cyber Threats

We all know that Soccer Fans always go crazy about FIFA World Cup, and this year is also going to be the craziest, we guess. However, the chances of safe play for the team do not seem to be in the lane. That’s because many online threats are coming towards this world cup to benefit from it.


Let us give you some pretty good examples to understand what’s happening and how many of them are trying to get to the event management database. The team’s data could be leaked if it gets into the hands of bad elements of society.

Currently, many of those elements are unleashing scam schemes to get the victim’s attention over it. After potentially getting the victim’s attention, they will try some tricks to get their data out of their databases.

The scams can be seen in many forums out there. Let’s take an example of the possible attacks that could happen to the victim.

  1. Adversaries prying for monetary benefits often implant malicious URLs diverting these events to fake websites, hoping to get maximum chances of scamming innocent online surfers for quick earn scheme/ profit.
  2. To increase the area coverage of such scam events, hacktivist groups may seize public attention to such malicious events to get the maximum range of traffic.
  3. APT Groups backed by the State may also potentially target global sports events similar to Qatar 2022 World Cup. that is, to accomplish state goals for the hosting nation/ broader event community.

FIFA World cup-

Digital Shadows,” a Photon Research Team, is a cyber security research team responsible for the security of internal units with the support of experts in 20 languages observing risks. That also involves cyber criminal activity 24×7 to secure the clients of Digital Shadows and the wider business community. This team also unleashed a detailed alert system to gather examples of:

  • Critical Threats to Qatar 2022 World Cup Organizing bodies
  • Their key partners and sponsors over the course of 90 days.

The things that need the most attention right now are:

  • Brand Protection
  • Cyberthreat
  • Physical Protection
  • Data Leakage.

In this malicious attack, all categories were drawn to cyber threat categories. Some of them were as follows:

  • Malicious Webpages
  • Marketplace Listings
  • Exposed Files

After removing the false rumors, the team gathered the relatable ones. That is to analyze those rumors and to find out how adversaries targeted the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup.

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Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) of adversaries involved:

  • Impersonating Domains
  • Fake Mobile Apps
  • Fraudulent Social Media Pages
  • Stolen Credentials
  • Hacktivist Threats
  • Ransomware
  • Initial Access Brokers

The results prove that a risk-based approach is required to avoid falling victim to an attack. Here, you must learn how to get alert from such attacks and how to eliminate any potential online threat coming towards you. For more latest updates on Information, Technology, and Cyber Security, you can follow this page. Learn, Research, and Grow!

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