Data Breach Case of 12,000 Patients has been Disclosed by New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

Breach of Data has become normal these days. However, everyone knows the consequences of data breaches. Adversaries, nowadays, have become so tyrannical. They find new ways to get into the system of every famous celebrity or higher-up to explore their database in order to get some crucial data to use against the victim.

Victims are trying to learn how to get rid of such situations cuz they don’t know from which direction they’re going to get attacked. Also, in return, they would always get trapped in online quick-sand if they don’t make fast decisions. Just like that, news came in front saying that New York-Presbyterian Hospital’s Data had been hacked in which total of 12,000 Patients were going to get stressed.

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Sep, 8, 2022

Data Security Monitors of New York-Presbyterian Hospital received an alert of Suspicious Activity on one of its servers. That included an unknown user who was observed downloading information from the database. Well, the team, in time, managed to block the attempts. After that, NYP’s Information Security Department started reviewing the matter.

Due to the review, it came into the spotlight that the adversary used a cloud-based remote data tech customer support program to victimize several things that, included:

      Laptops of several of its workforce Members,

      Copying & Removing Desktop Files

Patient’s portal of NYP wasn’t accessed by Adversaries. However, one of the victimized laptops happen to have secured health care of certain patients of New York-Presbyterian/ Queens and New York-Presbyterian/ Hudson Valley.

Approx. 12,000 patients were to bear the loss. Data victimized in this attack involved:

      First and Last Names


      Insurance Authorizations

      Medical Records Numbers

      Exam Results

Reverted for the Consequences

NYP decided to secure the privacy and security of its patients’ health data. Moreover, they already took actions to prevent a similar event form happening in the near future. Some of the accounts were suspended that were from the technical assistance program.

Other than that, services were taken down without further incident. From the Hospital, it was cleared that there was no unauthorized access to NYP’s electronic medical records patient portal. Moreover, rather than those details nothing were compromised.

As per the law, New York-Presbyterian reported the incident to:

      Department of Health and Human Services,

      Office for Civil Rights

      Office of the Attorney General in New York State.

For more protection, the NYP offered Credit Monitoring and Identity theft protection services via ID Experts. Moreover, ID Experts’ services were involving 12 months of credit observing, and well managed ID theft recovery services. Under such protection, ID Experts will notify and support in resolving matters for victims as it resulted from incident.

Ethical hacking Training & Certification

Solution for Patients

      Credit Report – You can get a copy of your credit report, free of charge, whether or not you’re facing any unknown actions on your account.

      Security Freezes – As per their solutions, victims get the right to ask for putting a security freeze on their credit report. The intentions behind it were to prevent credit, loans, and services from being approved in name without victim’s consent.

      Fraud Alerts – These were offered for creditors so they can follow certain steps, involving contacting victims, before they open any new accounts/ change their existing accounts.

      Monitoring – Stay alert and observe your accounts for unnatural activities happening.

As you can see that several things have happened to the Hospital’s security measures and they have changed many things to preserve the security of the Databases related to the patients. If you need to protect yourself from such incidences, you can learn about cyber security that is the study of protecting yourself from unknown adversary attacks. Learn, Research, and Grow!

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