UP Installs 57 Additional Cyber Crime Police Stations To Upscale Cybersecurity

UP Installs 57 Additional Cyber Crime Police Stations To Upscale Cybersecurity

UP Installs 57 Additional Cyber Crime Police Stations To Upscale Cybersecurity

Lucknow:  In response to the escalating menace of cybercrime, the Uttar Pradesh Cabinet presided over by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, sanctioned the formation of 57 cybercrime police stations throughout the state. The establishment of specialized cybercrime investigation sections in each of Uttar Pradesh’s 75 districts as a result of this expansion will substantially enhance the state’s capacity to counter online threats.

The new stations, as declared by Parliamentary Affairs Minister Suresh Khanna, will be situated in strategic districts, including but not limited to Ghaziabad, Raebareli, Sitapur, and Kanpur Dehat. This action guarantees enhanced reach and expedited reactions to cybercrime occurrences throughout the varied topography of Uttar Pradesh.

The state government has allocated an expenditure of more than Rs 127.24 crore for the construction of these stations, which signifies its dedication to developing a resilient cybersecurity infrastructure. In addition to financing the establishment of the stations, this investment will furnish them with trained personnel and state-of-the-art technology to effectively counteract the progress of intrusions.

Minister Khanna additionally emphasized that the oversight of the cyber crime police stations will transition from the Inspector General (IGs) to the Superintendents of Police (SPs). With the intention of enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making, this decentralization permits local law enforcement to customize their approach in accordance with the particular cybercrime patterns observed in their respective districts.

The establishment of these 57 stations will substantially augment the current network of 18 district cyber crime police stations in Uttar Pradesh. The implementation of this comprehensive strategy showcases the state’s proactive position in mitigating cybercrime and safeguarding its populace amidst the digital era.

The establishment of 57 additional cyber crime police stations by the Uttar Pradesh government is a commendable and opportune effort to bolster the state’s cybersecurity infrastructure. In addition to deterring and investigating cybercrime, this expansion will facilitate the establishment of an increased safer online environment for businesses and citizens.

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