WhatsApp Group Training is The New Way for Fraudsters to Commit Cyber Frauds

WhatsApp Group Training is The New Way for Fraudsters

WhatsApp Group Training is The New Way for Fraudsters to Commit Cyber Frauds

As per a recent report, cyber fraudsters are committing many highlighted cyber frauds by providing comprehensive training on WhatsApp groups.

Cyber fraudsters are now constantly changing the patterns of cyber fraud and every time people are falling prey to the changed patterns.  One such new pattern is being added to WhatsApp groups and people are being cheated of lakhs of rupees after providing training and information there.

For this, people are being identified and suddenly added to the group and they are being cheated in the name of investment, review, etc.  Apart from the Nigerian Gang, many gangs are active in this type of fraud.

Modus Operandi of Cyber Fraudsters

Cyber fraudsters take people’s data find out their financial condition and add them to a WhatsApp group. Hundreds of people already live in these groups.  The name of this group is also similar to any organization or institution related to the stock market.

After this, the person is added to that group. Many types of information are given to him.  For example, training is given on the daily ups and downs of the stock market through graphs and charts.  In this, people are deceived by giving information about all the details from Sensex to the stock market.

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Further, lakhs of crores of people are being cheated on the pretext of investing in the share market and getting good profits soon.  When any person asks for his deposited amount with profit, he is thrown out of this group.  Recently, more than twenty such cases have come to light in Noida and Greater Noida in which fraud ranging from ₹1 lakh to ₹1.5 crore has taken place.

Cyber expert and former IPS Prof. Triveni Singh says that Nigerian gangs have been involved in this type of fraud and now many other gangs are also working on it.  He even said that if someone adds you to any unknown group, then leave the group immediately.

Telegram Group is Also Not Behind

Apart from WhatsApp Group, cyber fraudsters are using the Telegram platform the most to commit fraud with innocent citizens.  Such fraud groups are most numerous on Telegram Group.  Many such incidents have also happened on Telegram App in Noida-Greater Noida.

The Nigerian gang is most active on Telegram and these fraudsters add people from within the country and abroad to this group. So that people can believe that their company has branches all over the world.

Google Review, Most Fraud in Online Trading

In recent times, many incidents of cyber fraud have come to light in Noida.  Among them, the biggest fraud is taking place regarding online trading and Google reviews.  In fact, in online trading, fraudsters show the dream of making so much profit as soon as possible that people get greedy and invest lakhs of rupees.

In addition to this, the same is the case with Google reviews.  People are getting trapped in Google Review to earn lakhs easily sitting at home.

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