Online banking fraud

It has been a few months since we heard about banking fraud. Another case popped up from Mumbai related to Online Banking Fraud. So, what was the case, and how the police resolved it in time to save the victim from further impede actions?

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Online Banking Fraud

So, the case is raised from Mumbai, where a woman named Janaki Choubey was duped by a Bank Employee in an Online Banking Fraud. In this case, the employee first started helping the woman make online transactions.

The bank employee was accused of duping a 26-Year Old Woman from Mumbai for online transactions of around ₹7.5 Lakhs. As soon as the complaint was registered, Mumbai Police filed a case against Dinesh Baisane (Bank Employee), SBI, Malad Branch (East).

But what happened exactly? Let’s take a look at it.

According to the Police,

Baisane introduced Janaki Choubey to the T&C and proceedings of Internet Banking & Mobile Banking while knowing her User ID and Password.

Janaki Choubey (East Kandivali) frequently asked Baisane to help her fill out the Payment Slip Appropriately. There, Baisane did help her calculate the amount and fill out the slip while noting down the balance amount for her.

On each visit, Baisane kept her phone intentionally to handle the payment & to provide the OTP.

One day, Choubey found something suspicious and visited the bank with her friend to deposit money dated 26 Dec, 2022. There, the updated passbook showed only ₹5 Lakh in her husband’s a/c, which should be around ₹12 Lakh.

As soon as she noticed it, she asked Baisane about the difference between the amount she thought. There, baisane gave her answer like – there was some kind of issue with the passbook printing machine. A few days later, choubey revisited and asked for the statement.

He showed her the statement of ₹12,26,259 in her account. Then she went home, and while cross-checking the statement provided by the bank employee, she found several discrepancies.

After that, the woman got furious and met the bank manager. The manager gave her an actual bank statement that showed ₹5,29,046 in her account. After matching both statements, she found many transactions imitating credit card payments.

According to the Police, a total of 12 fraud transactions were carried out amounting to ₹7,63,196 from her account.


Online Banking Fraud

According to the Police, a total of 12 fraud transactions were carried out amounting to ₹7,63,196 from her account.

Online Banking Fraud

Well, as we see, the amount was not low; the police registered a complaint on March 6, 2023. This case was registered under the Bangur Nagar Police Station. The accused were charged with cheating & forgery under various sections of the IPC and Section 66 D of the information and technology act.

Online banking fraud

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