Bangladeshi Hackers

Noida School faced a cyberattack that caused a data breach on its official website. The website is under hackers’ control.

The Prominent Private School’s website at Noida was hacked this Thursday by an anonymous group calling itself “Muslim Hackers from Bangladesh.”

Their Message

“When liberty is at risk, expect us,” read a line from a message visible on the website’s homepage.

The whole thing came to the spotlight in mid-night. However, the Police are saying they didn’t receive any complaint yet related to this incident.


“We are Bangladeshi Muslim hackers who never try to mess up our cyberspace. We oppose oppression where we are, we represent freedom, and we are simple evolution of the technological system when liberty is at risk…expect us… (sic),” read the message on the school’s website.

The Website was showing the Bangladeshi National Flag. Moreover, they wrote something on the website like “Joy Bangla” & “Bangladesh” written after that while got followed by several code names.

A cyber security company reported that a hacktivist group recognized as “Mysterious Team Bangladesh” has executed several Distributed-Denial-of-Service (DDoS) Attacks from the beginning of June, 2022.

Group-IB, Report

The organization has drawn support from a wide range of Indian sectors and is thought to be primarily motivated by political and religious reasons.

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