₹3.7 Cr Duped from Mumbai Based Businessman Account by Dubai Scammer

₹3.7 Cr Duped from Mumbai Based Businessman Account by Dubai Scammer

₹3.7 Cr Duped from Mumbai-Based Businessman Account by Dubai’s Scammer


A fascinating amount of INR 3 Crores 70 lakhs was duped from a Mumbai businessman’s account while the scammer was sitting in Dubai; the amount reached the laborer’s account.

A cybercriminal, sitting in Dubai, stole Rs 3 crore 70 lakh from the account of a Mumbai businessman. This amount went into the account of a laborer.  A similar case has come to light in which a Dubai connection to cyber fraud has been revealed.  A police investigation has revealed that cybercriminals used to sit in Dubai, take an account on rent, get the money transferred into it, and take the money for themselves by paying commission.

Understand the Dubai Connection to Cyber Fraud

A few days ago, a businessman from Maharashtra received a call from an unknown number and was duped in the name of investing in share trading.  After this, the cybercriminal withdraws Rs 3 crore 70 lakh from his account in different ways.  When Maharashtra Police started investigating this matter, the Dubai connection to this cyber fraud came to light.

In fact, a cybercriminal based in Dubai contacts people sitting in India through share trading, work from home, and other means and commits fraud worth lakhs of crores of rupees.  It is important in this that the mastermind sitting in Dubai deposits the money from the victim’s account into the account of a laborer or a profiled person.

A cyber fraudster based in Dubai has kept many accounts of laborers and low-profile people with him and gives 10 to 20 percent commission for this.  A police investigation has revealed that a mastermind sitting in Dubai, after taking documents from profiled people, gets bank accounts opened through his racket and deposits the cyber fraud amount in that account.

In this case, Maharashtra Police arrested a laborer named Bablu Thakur whose account was used to get an international money transfer of ₹20 lakhs out of 3 crores 70 lakh Rupees.  It is suspected that the mastermind sitting in Dubai has transferred the money of this fraud to many accounts.  Now the police are taking details of such bank accounts.

Money Transferring through Bitcoin

The police investigation has also revealed that when a cyber-criminal based in Dubai deposits money in the account of a laborer or a low-profile person, he transfers the amount from the account through Bitcoin or other digital currency.  This amount is given to the people involved in the racket at several stages. There is less risk of getting caught for taking money from Bitcoin or digital currency.

How to Save Yourself from Such Frauds?

  • Avoid tempting offers like share trading or work from home and do not invest money in it.
  • Do not fall into any kind of trap and join any Telegram group or WhatsApp group in which you do not know the people.
  • No agency or company can give you multiple times the amount after investment overnight. For this reason, avoid making any kind of investment in a hurry.
  • If any kind of cyber fraud is happening to you then contact 1930.

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