4 People Arrested For Defrauding A Man Out Of ₹14 Lakhs In A Cyber Fraud In Odisha

A Cyber Fraud In Odisha

Bhubaneswar:  Police announced on Thursday that 4 cyber fraudsters had been detained for defrauding a man out of ₹14 lakhs under the guise of bitcoin trading.

All the offenders, namely Vivekanand Mallick, Sapan Kumar Dalei, Sunil Kumar Das, and Bijan Kumar Panda, have been apprehended by the state police; they are all residents of the Balasore district.  They were taken into custody as a result of a complaint made by Pramod Sahu of Chintamaniswar in Bhubaneswar, who claimed to have been defrauded of ₹14 Lahks through digital bitcoin trading.  Along with the ownership of 10 ATM cards, 5 passbooks, 7 cheque books, 1 laptop, 4 smartphones, and a SIM card, the Police also recovered ₹39 Lakh from their banking accounts.

According to sources, he just got a WhatsApp offer encouraging him to invest funds and make huge profits while sitting at home.  He made a ₹1,000 initial investment after being seduced by the offer.  Later, he deposited ₹50,000 on another occasion and received ₹60,000 in his bank account.

The scammer lured the victim into buying Bitcoin after deciding that he would make a good target.  After witnessing a good return, the victim accepted the suggestions and gave the scammer all of his information, including his Adhar and PAN, so that they could build an account in his name on a Bitcoin website and compel him to deposit ₹5 Lakhs.

After making an investment, they showed the victim a screen photo to persuade him that he had received a return of Rs. 2 lakhs in exchange for his investment.

He attempted to withdraw the money at this time but in vain.  However, when he got in touch with the scammers, they demanded that he pay additional GST.  He continued to lose money in this manner.  Later, the scammers blocked his number as he attempted to call them.

While one of the accused, Sunil Das, worked as a Sales Manager for a bank, Sapan Dalei, his accomplice, assisted him in setting up bogus bank accounts.  According to him, Police are actively investigating and have escalated attempts to identify anyone else who may have been involved.

As per the FIR lodged by the victim, Police opened an investigation based on his accusation and apprehended the fraudsters.  Even though these crooks operate both domestically and abroad, the news of the cyber frauds coming out of the Balasore district has shocked everyone.

A Cyber Fraud In Odisha

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