A Cybercriminal is Exposed by CloudSEK To Sell Fake CBI Files on the Dark Web for $1300

Cybercriminal is Exposed by CloudSEK

A Cybercriminal is Exposed by CloudSEK To Sell Fake CBI Files on the Dark Web for $1300

New Delhi:  An attempt has been made by a threat actor to sell counterfeit Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) documents on the Dark Web for $1,300, as uncovered by cybersecurity researchers. The perpetrator, identified by XVigil, a digital risk platform developed by CloudSEK, asserted that a phishing attempt on a CBI employee had granted him access to sensitive information.


The actor provided excerpts of the “documents,” which comprised information pertaining to the National Investigation Agency (NIA), sought-after folders, internal correspondence, and allegedly confidential letters addressed to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). Nevertheless, a comprehensive inquiry conducted by CloudSEK unveiled that the documents were falsified and manipulated.


Additional inquiry facilitated by HUMINT (human intelligence) verified the authenticity of the documents. The threat actor, renowned in clandestine forums for selling remote access exploits and government databases, has been operational since November 2022 and maintains a “High” standing in the realm of cyber threats.

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This occurrence underscores an emerging pattern wherein malicious actors manipulate or falsify law enforcement documents for their own gain. These activities have the potential to undermine public confidence, coerce individuals into paying extortion fees, and provide financial benefits for those responsible.

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Key Suggestions:

Implement robust security measures Implement a rigorous password policy and require all user logins to undergo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).
Patch and update vulnerabilities Immediately apply updates and corrections to vulnerable endpoints in order to avert exploitation.
Monitor account activity Constantly observe atypical account activities in order to detect possible account takeovers.

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The increasing presence of threat actors selling counterfeit law enforcement documents on clandestine online marketplaces is a growing issue that carries significant ramifications. Diverse sectors may be profoundly affected by these actions, which encompass:

Eroding public trust Falsified documents have the potential to undermine public trust in law enforcement agencies and engender skepticism toward official communications.
Extortion Threat actors can extort victims using manipulated documents by requesting monetary compensation in return for the withholding or non-disclosure of detrimental information.
Financial gain The distribution of counterfeit documents can yield substantial monetary profits for cybercriminals.
Diverting resources Deficiency-related investigations and responses to forged documents may divert vital resources from authentic threats.


Organizations and individuals can fortify their defenses against the escalating menace posed by counterfeit law enforcement documents by proactively bolstering cybersecurity measures and consciousness.

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