Cyber Attack Hit Scandinavian Airlines

The Scandinavian airline SAS reported a cyber assault on Tuesday night and advised customers not to use its app, but later stated that the issue had been resolved.

According to news sources, the attack crippled the carrier’s website and exposed consumer data via its app.

At 20:35 GMT, SAS’s head of press, Karin Nyman, informed Reuters that the business was attempting to address this ill incident on its app and website.

Cyber Attack Hit Scandinavian Airlines

“As we are now in the middle of the attack, we are unable to say much more at this time,” she added, adding that the app was currently functioning as intended.  Moreover, she previously cautioned users against using the app since there is a chance they could get false info.  In addition, she made this statement to the national news agency TT.

On Tuesday, the entire website was unavailable for a while.

Subsequently, customers who attempted to enter into the SAS app were, as per TT, logged onto the incorrect accounts and had exposure to other individuals’ personal data.  In addition, this occurred to clients in Norway as well, according to the Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang.

Cyber Attack Hit Scandinavian Airlines

Recently, a number of Swedish businesses and organizations have allegedly been targets of cyberattacks.

Scandinavian Airlines Hit by Cyber Attack

SVT, Sweden’s primary public television network, experienced a brief outage previously on Tuesday.  Additionally, the broadcaster claimed on its website that “Anonymous Sudan” had claimed responsibility for the cyberattack after warning on Telegram that the Swedish press would face attacks in response to Koran burnings in Sweden.


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