AIIMS Server got hijacked

Once more! AIIMS has hit the headlines of the NewsPaper in India. Last year, it was haunting for the Indian government that one of the top hospitals had been victimized by a ransomware attack. We are News4Hacker, and you are reading “AIIMS got hit by a cybercrime gang again in 2023.”

So, in today’s lifetime, we have forgotten about exercising and maintaining our health issues. However, as of 2020, everyone again has gone high for changing lifestyles while taking care of their daily hygiene. Helpful, but to what extent?

AIIMS Server got hijacked

Even though we have got so much from god, we shouldn’t try to brag & show our daily live activities online, for which we do not care so much. Due to that, we get duped, and our data gets into the hands of the wrong people. They use it for their ill intentions and make our lives miserable as hell.

Just think about those lives whose data has been hacked by cybercriminals from AIIMS’s servers. Adversaries attack paralyzed the PC services at the government hospital for over 15 Days. The management was left to manual mode.

Due to a server being down, there’s been a lot of issues occurred for the outpatients and inpatients at the hospital related to

  1. Digital Hospital Services,
  2. Including Smart Lab,
  3. Billing,
  4. Report Generation,
  5. and the Appointment System.

Minister of State has shared a response with the Parliamentary on the AIIMS attack based on the probe being carried out by various govt. Agencies.

Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Union Minister for State, Electronic and Information Technology

“As per preliminary analysis, 5 servers were compromised in the information technology network segmentation, which caused operational disruption due to non-functionality of critical applications,” the MoS said in the written reply to Rajya Sabha, adding, “CERT-In and other stakeholder entities have advised necessary remedial measures.”

Due to the attack, an amount of 1.3 TB of data got encrypted, according to the minister.

AIIMS Server got hijacked

Sushil Modi (BJP) requested a detailed report on the data that was compromised due to the AIIMS cyber attack in 2022. Minister of State replied to it. Due to the reportedly increase in the number of queries related to the incident of the last 5 Years, MoS replied with a report of 4.5 Million Cases.

AIIMS Cyberattack Probe

The first cyberattack incident with AIIMS happened on Nov, 23, 2022. IFSO (Delhi Police) registered a case of extortion and cyber terrorism 2 days after the incident.

AIIMS Server got hijacked

An investigation was run over the cyber attack by various investigative bodies, which are as follows

  1. CERT-in,
  2. MeitY,
  3. IB,
  4. CBI,
  5. NIA,
  6. Delhi cybercrime special cell,
  7. Indian Cybercrime Coordination Centre,
  8. National Forensic Sciences University,
  9. and National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre.

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