232 Loan and Betting Chinese Apps banned in India Again

Chinese Apps banned in India

In the list of banned applications, many applications are registered. The total amount of betting applications was around 138, where 94 were loan applications. Whether we talk about betting or loan applications, such kinds of applications are either banned or illegal in several locations in India.

It’s one of the reasons why such applications can’t stay in India. There, we could also take a look at loan applications. There are several applications that are available at Playstore and Appstore similar to the banned loan application. Loan applications are also known as “Instant Loan Applications.”

Chinese Apps banned in India

Whenever someone installs such an application, these applications ask for permission from your contacts list. After which, your contact details get visible to the application manager. Your contacts get misused by the holder.

The adversary uses those contacts to send them abusive and explicit content video clips. Moreover, the hacker can use those contacts for extortion. Due to such loan-related incidents, people become frustrated and even commit suicide.

A load of data gets to the servers of the loan & betting. Such fraudulent companies use all of that data for various reasons. The extraction of data from the servers could be one of the reasons why people’s data has been stolen.

chinese app banned


Due to this, the government has blocked the way of entrance into our private lives by banning their applications.

Let’s talk about in what way our data has been used. Are these dangerous apps posing any threat to our daily lives? During the installation of such apps, we give a lot of permissions to the apps, including.

  1. Contact, and
  2. Photographs.

That means it asks for a lot of permissions just to get your data. After getting your permission, your data gets uploaded to their server without your consent. When the fraudulent firm saves your data, they tamper with the data.

Several times, photos from your devices get uploaded to their server. The adversary morphs those photos to send to the guardians, relatives, family, and friends of the users. After that, people feel a lot of disgrace.

Due to the stressful situation and because of their low self-esteem, they even commit suicide. Now, because of the continuity of such activities, the government has taken a step further. In such conditions, if the Indian data go outside India to China’s server, it can cause a lot of issues for the users.

Moreover, China & Pakistan has been already in several controversies these days. If our data get into their hands, it can cause a lot of trouble for us in many ways. It can also create unnecessary issues for national security.

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Those who had installed and were using this application, will it be valid to use it now after the ban? What if that application is installed on their phone?

Mohit Yadav, Cyber Security Expert, India

“When this ban is imposed, the servers from which the application used to run will be shut down. Thus, when people try to rerun those applications, they won’t get any data on those applications. After downloading and installing, we gave several permissions to the application.

Permissions included

  • Contact Permission, and
  • Photographs Permission

After that, our data was uploaded to their servers. From now on, not a single pack of data will be able to get to their server. However, the already uploaded data won’t be affected by present changes. That much of the data is still on their servers, and they can do whatever they want to do with that data.”

The public shouldn’t try to download those applications from any other site or link anymore to save their confidential data. Learn, Research, and Grow!

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