A Man Presenting as a Manager of Flipkart is Arrested in a ₹13 Crore Cryptocurrency Scam; Dehradun Police Bust Group Across 12 States

A Man Presenting as a Manager of Flipkart is Arrested

A Man Presenting as a Manager of Flipkart is Arrested in a ₹13 Crore Cryptocurrency Scam; Dehradun Police Bust Group Across 12 States

Dehradun police apprehended a vital member of an online cryptocurrency trading fraud syndicate after an intense 2300-kilometer operation, casting light on a national fraudulent plot worth more than ₹13 crores.

Dehradun:  A member of an organized gang engaged in a countrywide online scam of around ₹13 crore has been apprehended by the Dehradun Cyber Police Station squad. The group enticed individuals to invest in Bitcoin and do chores that included liking and subscribing to YouTube channels, making promises of profits but eventually deceiving them and swindling their funds.

The apprehension, conducted in Davangere, Karnataka, signifies a noteworthy advancement in the inquiry that commenced with a complaint lodged in Dehradun. The complainant said that unidentified persons, who pretended to be Flipkart’s gift-giving manager, contacted him over WhatsApp.

The complaint alleged that they lured him with the promise of earning income through the completion of uncomplicated tasks such as liking and subscribing to YouTube channels.  Afterward, they included him in a Telegram group and provided him with links to several websites, encouraging him to invest in cryptocurrencies for higher profits.

The victim, being deceived by their intricate plan, ultimately transferred a sum of ₹18,11,000/- to the crooks via different internet transactions, masquerading as assignments and investments in cryptocurrency.

Upon discovering that he had been deceived, the victim proceeded to the Dehradun Cyber Police Station, resulting in the filing of a case under Sections 420, 120B of the Indian Penal Code, and 66(D) of the Information Technology Act.

Inspector Vikas Bhardwaj, a member of the Cyber Police Station, assumed control of the investigation and methodically assembled the pieces of the puzzle.  The police squad uncovered that the victim’s funds were transferred to accounts in Delhi and Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Utilizing this vital lead, the squad successfully detained two suspects, Qadir Khan and Anish Khan, in Rajasthan previously.

Unfazed, the police crew persisted in their unwavering pursuit of the remaining perpetrators.  By exerting meticulous efforts, they collected evidence that established a connection between another participant, Raghavendra, and the fraudulent scheme.

Ultimately, following an arduous voyage to Davangere, Karnataka, in the midst of inclement weather, they effectively captured Raghavendra.

Working Methodology of Cyber Thugs

The following steps comprised the cybercrime gang’s working strategy:

Impersonation By assuming the identity of Flipkart’s gift-giving manager, they established credibility with the victims.
Luring with Promises Vulnerabilities were enticed by the assurance of effortless profits via effortless duties and investments in cryptocurrencies.
Telegram Group Manipulation They solicited investments and disseminated links to fraudulent websites via Telegram groups.
Money Laundering The pilfered funds were subsequently transmitted to multiple bank accounts before being converted to cryptocurrency to aid in their further concealment.


Raghavendra, the detained suspect, is the subject of complaints in eleven other Indian states, such as Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana, Rajasthan, and Telangana, according to the Dehradun police. The investigation uncovered this information. Regarding further action, the specifics of these complaints will be communicated to the appropriate state authorities.

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