A Noida Woman Lost ₹50K While Attempting To Update Aadhaar Card

A Noida Woman Lost ₹50K While Attempting To Update Aadhaar Card

A Noida Woman Lost ₹50K While Attempting To Update Aadhaar Card

Noida, Uttar Pradesh:  It is quite evident in today’s world that access to information is at our fingertips.  Hence, being aware of the potential dangers related to disclosing sensitive info online is of the utmost importance.  A recent case in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, shed light on the risks of cyber fraud when a resident became a target of a fraud related to an Aadhaar card.

The incident related to Munmun Bhattacharya, a resident of Sector-78’s MahagunModerne Society, who approached Google for support in revising the address listed on her Aadhaar card. Munmun reached out to a helpline number recommended by Google in an effort to obtain assistance.

As a consequence, she accidentally revealed sensitive personal information to a cyber fraudster.

Under the guise of an Aadhaar card agent, the fraudster acquired the Aadhaar card information of the victim via telephone.  Following this, an illicit amount of ₹50,000 was deducted from the bank account associated with Munmun.  As soon as Munmun became aware of the unauthorized transactions, he lodged a police report at the nearest Sector-113 station against the unidentified offender.

Inspector Sarvesh Kumar Singh, in command of Noida police station Sector-113, confirmed that the victim’s use of the Google-provided helpline number was the occasion of the fraudulent activity.  The criminal, who was posing as a support representative for the Aadhaar card update process, manipulated the target into installing a mobile application that enabled the fake withdrawals.

Although the fraudster achieved success in a single transaction, all subsequent efforts were stopped.   Law enforcement agencies are presently engaged in an intensive investigation of the incident, aided by cyber cells, in an effort to capture and bring to justice the offender.

For individuals desiring a secure venue to update their UID or Aadhar card details, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) offers an official website.  By accessing the UIDAI online portal, individuals have the ability to conveniently modify a range of attributes on their Aadhaar card, such as their name, contact particulars, and date of birth.

Users can update their Aadhaar card information online via UIDAI by adhering to the following stepwise directions:

  1. Visit the official website of UIDAI at https://uidai.gov.in/.
  2. Select the ‘Update Your Aadhaar’ option located on the homepage under the ‘My Aadhaar’ heading.
  3. Enter the number from your Aadhaar card and the captcha code to log in.
  4. Select the particular information you desire to modify.
  5. Proceed by selecting “Update Aadhaar Online” and inputting the revised details.

Individuals can reduce their susceptibility to cyber fraud by exercising care when disclosing personal information on the internet and by adhering to the aforementioned guidelines.

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