Samajwadi Party

According to the police, Munna Malik, the leader of the Samajwadi Party, and two friends, Kamaruddin and Ravi, have all been taken into custody.

Three people, including a representative of the Samajwadi Party from Mathura, were detained by the Uttar Pradesh Police in a combined operation on suspicion of running an alleged cybercrime ring while posing as a public service center.

Samajwadi Party


The leader of the Samajwadi Party Munna Malik and two friends, Kamaruddin and Ravi, have been detained.

The police will soon detain other individuals connected to this gang. “A large number of Aadhaar cards have been purchased and they have been used to commit cyber fraud incidents.”

SSP Shailesh Kumar Pandey

“Munna Malik’s associate Ravi used to run a computer cafe and public service center, where he would make polymer imprints of visitors’ Aadhar cards and thumbs and give them to ration dealers and interstate cybercriminals.

For a long time, the police had been informed that Jan Seva Kendra was being used to commit cybercrimes and fabricate Aadhaar cards. The action was taken by the City Kotwali Police and SWAT unit, who detained Kamaruddin and SP leader Councilor Munna Malik.

Ravi was detained and is now in jail. False coins, a letter pad, a laptop, two thumb readers, 140 duplicate thumb imprints, an ATM swipe machine, and cash have all been found by the police.

Additionally, they produced bogus passports and SIM cards for cybercriminals using these Aadhaar cards.

Samajwadi Party

A case has been filed, and more investigation is being conducted.

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