Fake Part-Time Employment Offer

Udupi:  The individual in question incurred a financial loss amounting to ₹52,13,359/- as a result of falling victim to a Fake Part-Time Employment Offer, which enticed him via the guise of a part-time employment opportunity.

The individual identified as Raghavendra was the recipient of a message on the messaging platform WhatsApp from an unfamiliar sender.

The content of the communication entailed an enticing proposition for a part-time employment opportunity.

Subsequently, the unidentified individual transmitted a communication asserting their affiliation with the corporate entity Amazon and proceeded to request the recipient to remit monetary funds to multiple bank accounts in order to fulfill numerous assigned responsibilities.

As per the available information, the victim Raghavendra made a total monetary transaction of ₹52,13,359/- throughout the period from August 3 to September 23.

Nevertheless, the accused failed to reimburse the funds subsequent to the completion of the assigned undertaking.

The police of the Central Enforcement Network (CEN) are currently conducting more investigations.

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