Avoid Fake Calls! Uttarakhand Police Captures Insurance Fraud Gang and a Fake Job Call Center in Joint Operation with Delhi Police


Avoid Fake Calls! Uttarakhand Police Captures Insurance Fraud Gang and a Fake Job Call Center in Joint Operation with Delhi Police

The Uttarakhand Cyber Police arrested 9 scammers offering fake jobs and insurance schemes to innocent people in a massive ₹37 lakh fraud in a joint operation with Delhi Police.

3 people who were engaged in a ₹37 lakh insurance policy fraud have been captured by the Uttarakhand Cyber Police (STF).  The operation, in which the Delhi Police were also involved, resulted in the arrest of 6 more people who were operating a false contact center engaged in cyber fraud.

Modus Operandi of the Insurance Fraud Gang

Convincing themselves as SBI Smart Wealth Builder Policy officers, the gang preyed on its victims. By offering large returns, they encouraged victims to apply for new policies or “rectify” existing ones.  The victims, unaware of the scheme, were eventually duped into transmitting funds to multiple bank accounts under the fraudsters’ control.

Investigation and Arrests

In response to a complaint lodged by a Dehradun resident who lost ₹36,99,084, the Uttarakhand Cyber Police initiated an inquiry.  Three individuals were identified as the culprits via technical analysis: Gautam Kumar (26), Ankit Singh (21), and Mintu Kumar (30). All three were residents of Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh.

Amidst questioning, Gautam Kumar unveiled details about a call center situated in New Delhi that was entangled in analogous cyber frauds. I4C (Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre) was immediately contacted by the Uttarakhand Cyber Police to request help in organizing a joint operation with the Delhi Police.

Raiding the Fake Call Center

A collective operation targeting a call center located in Burari, New Delhi, resulted in the capture of 6 individuals.  These people were reportedly actively defrauding users by posing as HDFC Bank employees and offering bogus employment opportunities via Naukri.com. The Uttarakhand Cyber Police team (consisting of ASS Sunil Bhatt, Mahesh Uniyal, and Sohan Badoni) deserves particular acknowledgment for their outstanding efforts.

In addition to facilitating the arrests of the 3 offenders in Uttarakhand, their undying dedication was significant in collaborating with the Delhi Police to jointly eliminate the fraudulent call center in Delhi, thereby nabbing 6 more offenders.

Uttarakhand Cyber Police Appreciates I4C’s Role

The Uttarakhand Cyber Police commended the I4C and its chief executive officer, Rajesh Kumar, for enabling the cooperation between the I4C and the Delhi Police. Due to the effective elimination of these two organized gangs engaged in insurance fraud and fake job schemes.

Police Advisory

The public is highly advised here to use caution when taking calls from unidentified numbers appearing to be representatives of banks or insurance companies, as advised by the Uttarakhand Police.  Before completing any online payments, confirm the company’s information in detail by calling their customer service department (not searching online) or visiting their official website. Immediately notify the closest police station or cybercrime police station of any suspicions, for emergencies involving financial cybercrime, dial 1930, the national helpline number.

Additionally, the Uttarakhand Cyber Police is educating the public about cybercrime prevention via social media videos as part of public awareness campaigns.

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