Chinese Fraudsters in Cambodia are Targeting Indian Females to Make Nude Calls Back Home: Victim

Chinese Fraudsters in Cambodia are Targeting Indian Females

Chinese Fraudsters in Cambodia are Targeting Indian Females to Make Nude Calls Back Home: Victim

Hyderabad: A significant number of Indian women who are victims of human trafficking to Cambodia are coerced into honey-trapping innocent persons back in their own country by forcing them to make naked phone calls. This information was disclosed by a man from Telangana who had recently returned home after being a victim of Chinese human traffickers from the beginning of his life.

After traveling to Cambodia with the intention of securing a legitimate employment opportunity, Munshi Prakash was taken advantage of by a criminal organization that specializes in cybercrime.

He was a native of the village of Gandhampalli, which is located in the Bayyaram mandal of the Mahabubabad district. He disclosed that Chinese nationals were developing fraudulent dating and gaming apps in order to entice Indians and mislead them into spending crores of rupees.

Additionally, he stated that there are still three thousand Indians who are enslaved in Cambodia, the majority of whom are from the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. These girls, who are now being held in jail, are compelled to make naked phone calls. Not only did he meet people from Mumbai and Delhi, but he also met people from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. Every single one of them had been misled into thinking that they would be able to obtain legitimate employment, only to be exploited by cybercriminals as slaves in order to deceive people in India.

Following the conversion of the money that the gang makes from these cyber slaves into cryptocurrency, the money is next converted into US dollars, and eventually, it is transferred into Chinese Yuan.

It was said by Prakash that he was subjected to horrible treatment, which included physical assault, torture, and incarceration. Through the use of a selfie camera, he was able to capture a video of himself recounting his harrowing experiences, which prompted the Indian embassy as well as the state governments of Telangana and AP to come to his rescue.

As far as he is concerned, the predicament of women is far more precarious than that of men because they are forced to endure the humiliation of making nude calls to men against their will.

On April 16, the Cambodian police were able to rescue Prakash; however, he was detained on a false accusation that was introduced against him by the Chinese gang, and he was incarcerated for a period of twelve days. “After the authorities found out that the charge was fake, I was deported to Delhi on July 5,” Prakash explained to reporters. Along with him, nine other people were rescued.

On the 12th of March, I traveled to Cambodia by way of Malaysia. My passport was taken away by Chinese nationals who were administering the compound in Krong Bavet, Cambodia, and as a result, I was compelled to become a cyber scammer in the facility. One of the most important cities in the province of Svay Rieng in Cambodia is Bavet, which is also the location of an international border crossing with Vietnam.

Prakash, who had a Bachelor of Technology degree in civil engineering, had been working for an information technology company in Hyderabad. He had also posted his profile on job sites in an effort to find work in other countries. I received a phone call from a Cambodian agent named Vijay, who offered me a position living in Australia. According to Prakash, “He informed me that I needed to have a travel history before going to Australia, and he also provided me with tickets for Malaysia.”

I was transported to Phnom Penh from Kuala Lumpur by a taxi. I was subjected to a collection of US cash amounting to ₹85,000 by a local agent of Vijay. Following that, Chinese nationals took possession of my passport and transported me to Krong Bavet. It’s a massive compound that has several towers. According to him, “I was placed in Tower C, along with other Indians.”

Our training consisted of 10 days, during which we were instructed to develop and use bogus social media profiles of girls in Telugu and other languages in order to attract men. In addition to stating that he originally resisted the group, Prakash stated that it was necessary for them to persuade the men to engage in business with our handlers and transfer money.

“They put me in a dark room for a week and tortured me,” he stated in addition. “When I became ill, they removed me from the hospital, but they had me continue to commit fraud. After receiving an email from me, my sister in Tamil Nadu contacted the authorities about the situation. In addition, I created a film detailing my predicament, which ultimately led to my rescue.”

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