Chinese Kingpin Nabbed From Cambodia by Noida Police Including Two Others for Cyber Fraud of ₹100+ Crores.

Chinese Kingpin Nabbed From Cambodia by Noida Police

Chinese Kingpin Nabbed From Cambodia by Noida Police Including Two Others for Cyber Fraud of ₹100+ Crores.

Cambodia:  Noida Police has exposed a big international conspiracy of cyber fraud.  Under this, Chinese Cyber Criminals sitting in Cambodia were committing cyber fraud with the people of India and till now a fraud of more than ₹100 crore has been done by this group.

In this case, Noida Police has arrested the Chinese kingpin along with his Nepali associate.  So let us talk about this international conspiracy of Cyber Fraud.

Exposed International Cyber Fraud Gang

The police of Bisrakh police station of Greater Noida on Monday busted a gang involved in cyber fraud and arrested three cyber criminals.  The leader of this gang is a Chinese citizen and a Nepali and an Indian citizen have also been arrested along with him.  The center of this cyber fraud gang was in Cambodia and from there, fraud worth crores was being carried out by contacting the people of India on social media.

Actually, this cyber gang used to take data of Indian citizens and companies and send it to Cambodia and activate SIM on this data.  After this, Indian people were to be added to these groups by creating WhatsApp groups and Telegram groups and were added to these groups by giving them attractive offers ranging from investing in the stock market to working from home.

After this, they used to cheat him of lakhs of rupees.  The arrested accused have been identified as Chinese national Su Youming, Nepalese national Anil Thapa, and Greater Noida resident Vinod Bhati. DCP Suniti of Noida Central Zone said that more than 20 people are involved in this international cyber gang that used to target Indian citizens in different ways. The concerned embassies have also been informed of this matter.

They Contact People Over Their Interests On Social media Profiles

These cyber gangs used to obtain data on Indian citizens from various social media and mediums and used to get information about people’s interests, shopping, and investment methods.  After this, he would send them messages and take them to Jhansi.

Then they used to commit fraud by adding them to WhatsApp or Telegram groups.  The police are now getting information about the victims of fraud and the data received from these criminals.  Investigating that data.  These cybercriminals have also taken the personal data of people from e-commerce companies and have obtained information from people’s names, phone numbers, bank details, etc.  Police have so far received information about more than 500 WhatsApp and Telegram groups.

Be Careful Using These Best Practices

  • Never trust any kind of unknown call or message.
  • If someone adds you to a WhatsApp or Telegram group from an unknown number, exit immediately.
  • Do not get deceived in the name of working from home, investment in shares, etc.
  • If you are a victim of cyber fraud, call 1930 immediately.

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