Data Leak related to the custom

German newsletter: VirusTotal (Online Malware Scanning Service) data leaked related to the customers.

Two German Newspapers, Der Spiegel & Der Standard, alerted about the data leak of Virustotal regarding customers of the online malware scanning services.

Late in June, a small doc (313 KB) which included 5,600 names disclosed online.

The file included data associated with

  1. The US Secret Service NSA Employees,
  2. The US Cyber ​​Command Employees, and
  3. German Intelligence Services registered with the Google-owned Security Platform.

Data Leak related to the customers

Der Standard

From the listing data, 20 accounts were related to the US “Cyber Command,” which is a part of the American military & the control center for offensive and defensive hacking tasks. Also represented:

  1. The US Department of Justice,
  2. The American Federal Police FBI and
  3. The Secret Service NSA.

Netherlands, Taiwan, and Great Britain’s Officials also use Virustotal.”

According to Der Spiegel, breached data exposed the responsible person for dealing with IT Security and Malware in the victimized firms & govt. org.

Adversaries can use this data to aim at these professionals with spear-phishing attacks.

The leaked data involved

  1. Customer’s Names, and
  2. Customer’s Addresses.

The cyber breach was caused after an employee unknowingly uploaded the data to Virustotal.

Der Spiegel

Google Cloud’s spokesperson said – An VirusTotal employee had “unintentionally made a smart doc related to consumer’s data existing on VirusTotal.”

After becoming aware of the data leak, Google successfully removed the data.

We removed the list from the platform within an hour of uploading it.” We are improving internal processes and technical controls to prevent this in the future.”

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