Breaching Wife's Facebook Account

The Judge offered the opportunity to lighten the sentence in exchange for a payment of NT$ 1,000 (about ₹2,683) per day.

Chiayi City:  In Taiwan, a guy attempted to get his wife back by breaking into her Facebook account, but the attempt cost him 3 months in prison.

According to the Independent, the man going by the name simply Hou, was found guilty of violating his wife’s online privacy.

According to the Taipei Times, the woman fled the residence they lived in Chiayi City in the southwest region of the island after an argument in May, taking their kid with her.

The wife, who has been identified as Ms. Yu, cut off all communication with her husband and stopped returning his calls.

Hou made the decision to convey his thoughts to his child and mother-in-law by hacking into his wife’s Facebook account.  He apologized for his actions and asked them to get involved in their argument in the message.

The man allegedly accessed his wife’s account twice, on May 31 and June 1 of last year, to get in touch with his young daughter and mother-in-law.

But it’s not apparent why he broke into the account.

His wife reportedly brought legal action against him after learning that her husband had accessed her account.

The man was later sentenced to 3 months in prison after the court found that “people do not lose their legal right to privacy even after marriage” and accused him of tapping into his wife’s account without her permission as well as “altering [her] digital record.”

According to the Straits Times, Hou admitted guilt and was found guilty of “offenses against computer security” under Taiwan’s penal law.

The judge offered the opportunity to lighten the sentence in exchange for a payment of NT$ 1,000 (about ₹2,683) per day.

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