Fake News! Relief for the Provinces of AIIMS-Delhi. Work isn’t going well as of now

Although we know that AIIMS is getting worsened in condition after the hack, social media is trolling the management for not being able to secure their own systems. One of the most reputed medical provinces of India, AIIMS’ Servers, got hacked, and now a piece of fake news is running over the internet as a rumor. So, what about the rumor? Is it real or fake, as social media users say so?

Well, a lot of us know that social media platforms are one of the fastest-growing networks in the world, and they can shape any story into something that gets some hype. Whoever tries to do something new and if it turns on the charts, other people follow it.

So, don’t believe whatever the 200cr. Deal with adversaries is. You can see in the screenshots, which are taken from the sources after confirmation.

The Economictimes

One of the famous government newsletters also verified the news was fake. It was cleared by AIIMS Authorities that not a single incident like that has ever happened.

It seems complicated what we hear about the fake news coming out from social media platforms. AIIMS is continuously getting into the spotlight, and social media platforms are taking benefit from it. To raise their channels’ hype, creators are even bent down to such a level that they even make fake news.

After a fine observation, the news turns fake, and Hospital’s staff is relieved from stress. However, we need to believe that there are no advances from Adversaries that got control over patients’ health reports related to any ransom.

News4Hackers got all of the resources related to the fake news, and below are the screenshots covering the media slaughtering the rumors about 200cr. Ransom.



One of the cybersecurity experts tried to assure the government of help in future issues related to enhancing security measures that could fight against a cyberattack.


Newsmedia is also spreading the information without thinking about the aftereffects. However, you don’t need to worry about that as the professionals proved the news was fake.


Patients were terrified already, however, the news shook them up to give them terrifying chills. A big hospital like AIIMS. No one has ever thought about the management would take this thing as lightly. They needed to make more secure measures for better protection.


According to AIIMS’s staff, it was clear that the management will offer services via manual control over devices which means offline management. AIIMS server’s data also included information related to former prime ministers, ministers, and several VIPs.

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All of the fake rumors were just to raise the TRP of their news channels. However, any of you don’t have to be worried about anything that says ransom for now. For future updates, you can cling to our page.

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